Limited Edition Very Sexy Now Perfume 2010

Once upon a time, (2008 to be exact) Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Now Limited Edition perfume came out. The square glass bottle with the gold leaves held inside the most amazing perfume ever to grace my nostrils. Oh yes, it was a love affair at first sniff. I bought the shimmering body oil, and the perfume without hesitation- which says a lot because I am a world class hesitator, um can you say indecisive? Now, not to brag but hot damn I smelled sexy as hell for a year and a half…. and then to my horror my perfume ran out. I checked e-bay and I found sellers selling that sacred fragrance, score! The catch was they wanted a small fortune- $199 big ones. Giving my computer a loud “Come on! Are you serious?” I opted not to pay $199 for perfume that’s going on two years old, and for perfume that I originally paid $45 bucks for. Truth be told… If I had $199 bucks lying around I would totally buy it but I am poor and rational, or so I like to think. I decided I’d suffer with the masses and buy “ok” smelling perfume, and never again would I smell so ravishing.

Fast forward to present day- it was a stormy day when I plucked up my mail up, and paroozed through the Spring 2010 Victoria’s Secret catalog. Low and behold a picture of the new Very Sexy Now Limited Edition Perfume was inked on the glossy page of that catalog, just calling my name (It was the leopard bottle, I am a sucker for anything leopard). I became obsessed and convinced that this 2010 perfume was going to smell comparable to the 2008 one. The second it was released I sprinted to the nearest VS- where they know me by name and picked up the precious leopard bottle, gave it a spray… and I almost died! YES! YES! YES! It smells similar to the 2008 one. I bought two bottles, and a body mist.

I’m not going to lie, it is not nearly as good as the 2008 Miss gold leaves. There is a bit more of a melon/orange mid note to it. But there is that initial hit of something very familiar to the 2008 scent, that tropical floral pineapple-ish scent. The downside to this little nose treat is that I find it doesn’t have much lasting power. It seems to fade quickly, and when it fades it loses it’s fruity-ish hint that was so similar to the 2008, and fades into more of a floral scent. I still enjoy it, it will keep me content and smelling good for several years. I suggest any of you ladies who worshiped the 2008 limited edition scent go check out the new one before it is gone!


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