The Review-K-Pak Reconstrx Vapor Iron

Between fending off swine flu (ok, so it was a weak ass little head cold), and going on several dates (yeah, that’s right… I’m on the prowl!) I have managed to give the K-Pak Reconstrx Vapor Flat Iron a several week work out, I gave it a fair assessment and I am ready to review it! Ready?!

It felt as though I was unboxing the Holy Grail as I opened the box which held the Reconstrx Vapor Iron, oh the joy and sheer excitement I felt! The iron came with an instruction booklet, a mini vapor fuel refill, and a DVD. Setting my goodies aside, I blew dried my hair, sectioned it off, filled the iron with the vapor fuel (which does last several treatments. I was terrified I’d go through the fuel within one use. That was not the case at all), then I plugged the baby in!

My first time using the little lovely I found it awkward to handle when styling my hair (A little bit of a let down). First, it didn’t open as ‘wide’ as my old flat iron- I’m comparing it to the my Paul Mitchell Flat Iron which is my absolute favorite flat iron. Two, the placement of the vapor fuel chamber is right where my hand is stationed while I am wildly styling my blonde locks. This infringes on my ability to ‘press’ down as hard as I’d like to, or am used too (for fear of breaking the vapor fuel chamber). I am a big fan of adding some pressure when flat ironing my hair, and while pressure is not necessary to achieve straight hair, it is just my own personal method. Lastly, I kept hitting the ‘vapor fuel on/off’ switch with my thumb while in the midst of flat ironing. This posed a problem because I could never tell if the vapor fuel was on/off, because there is no indication if it’s on or off. I’d have to turn down my music to listen for the sound of bubbling/hot liquid and closely pay attention to see if I was seeing steam. Annoying? A little.

Once I got used to handling the iron, I found the results were undeniably softer healthier looking hair. That being said, it almost made my hair too soft. I know, you’re all thinking “Too soft? Are you kidding!? It’s every girls dream to have smooth, soft, lustrous hair!” I don’t dispute this, but there is a fine line between soft hair, and TOO soft of hair that has a  puffy-ish limp quality (Like my technical terms? Hah). Sadly the Reconstrx Iron did not give me the pin straight results I so desire (don’t get me wrong, it got my straight… but, not up to the standards I am used too. Of course I am probably used to the unhealthy standards, and this was probably the healthier straight standard… but still), thus, it was a battle of running over the same sections of hair over and over to ensure it would remain polished looking, and not get puffy. That failed, the iron just did not ‘seal’ in the straightness. My remedy to this little problem became using my trusty Paul Mitchell iron for finishing work AFTER my initial straightening with the Reconstrx Iron. This gave me awesome results, and I didn’t have issues with my hair becoming puffy within an hour. It sealed in the straightness or something to that effect. 

 Also, I have longer bangs that I sweep off to the side, and this iron completely failed at straightening my bangs. It made my bags way too limp. I reduced the temperature thinking they where getting too ‘straight’ and limp due to the intense heat. The reduction of heat did not help, the bangs still looked limp and refused to sweep off to the side. I assumed that it may be a matter of the vapor fuel simply being too conditioning, so I turned the vapor fuel off and tried flat ironing my bangs with this method the next day… while that helped I still didn’t get my usual sweepy vixen bangs. I MUST use my Paul Mitchell flat iron for my bangs, no exceptions.

Overall it probably seems like I am complaining about this iron, but I do like the idea of it, and the benefits of it are awesome. As shocking as it may seem, I am keeping this flat iron because when used in conjunction with my normal flat iron I get impressive results. Sure, my method may contradict the entire purpose of using the Reconstrx Iron, but it allows me to use my regular non conditioning flat iron less, and that is a step in the right direction… right?


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