The Wonders of Womanhood

I mentioned a while ago that boric acid cured my ongoing-chronic-hell-ridden-make-my-life-depressing yeast infection. Well, it has returned! Of course. Would I really expect otherwise? What was I thinking to get my hopes up *bangs head against wall*

I feel like a hot mess. I am so fed up with this yeast infection that has been haunting me for months on end. I have reduced myself to hideous home remedies like a mad scientist, and spending hours on end researching chronic yeast infections-my OCD does not help with this situation, and stumbling upon other women’s struggle and horror stories also has been a mixed bad of hope and hopelessness. I am now one of those women who has joined the ban wagon of chronic yeast infections! Hollar!

So, instead of crying in a dark corner I have decided maybe I will go over some of the BS I have tried, what has sort of worked, what has really not worked… because I know there are plenty of women out there who are sitting on their computers madly searching for tips, tricks, and stories to prove that they are not alone in this hell. As I sit here sipping cold coffee, slamming down an Azo Yeast Guard pill, I will take you on my magical little journey! Expect TMI. That’s the way I roll.

I’ve always been prone to several yeast infections a year, but it was nothing that over the counter stuff couldn’t cure. About 6 months ago I got a yeast infection, no biggie, ran to Target and picked up some trusty Monistat. Yay, my vagina was happy. Four days later my YI was back. Ran back to the store… and repeat, repeat, repeat that scenario again and again. Weird thing was I could keep the YI at bay for about a week or so If I continued to use the external cream, it was like the YI would start externally- irritation, that swollen misery feeling, and a case of mild mingled with mild itchiness… and this was weird considering the fact that my previous YI I had never really dealt with external irritation. I figured maybe it was my laundry detergent or soap causing the issues… swapped that stuff out for more sensitive skin friendly products, but that didn’t help. Tried diluting tea tree oil and dabbing it around my lady bits, as well as coconut oil as an external cream, and all the other home remedies with not much relief to show for. Found the external cream that comes with YI kits to work best…. but I had to use it EVERY night, even after my internal YI symptoms were gone/cured. I generally masturbate before bed, not sulk over the fact my new bedtime ritual has been reduced to slathering YI cream every night. It got annoying really fast. I felt/feel un-sexy, how am I suppose to feel confident and sexy with a case of chronic vagina issues?

Finally I realized there was obviously more going on, so off to the doctor I went (which was a big step because I avoid doctors like the plague, I really hate being touched and probed by strangers). I was prescribed Diflucan. Took it and what do you know… I was cured!…. for… 3 days, then the external irritation started right back up, and two days later I had internal YI symptoms (no discharge or odor though, I never have gotten discharge or odor with ANY of my YI, and I have to count my blessings on that one). I went back to the doc’s a week later, they tested me for STD, BV, and all that fun stuff. No STD’s, no BV, but yes yeast was present (duh). I got upgraded to three days of Diflucan, and my doctor told me if that didn’t work to try Boric Acid for 14 days. Well the Diflucan was a godsend for a week or so, but of course my YI returned, and next thing you know I hit a compound pharmacy to get a hold of boric acid “We can fill the capsules for you, but to be honest it’s a waste of you money, just buy the boric acid and fill your own is what I recommend, it’s cheaper and the same” So I did just that. Maybe the pharmacist was just lazy though?

My experience with Boric Acid was great (minus the watery discharge that kept making me think I had peed my pants, seriously, I had a little freak out at my ex’s house about how I was convinced I was peeing my pants without knowing it, haha. Boric acid discharge is watery, and when I was told to expect discharge I was expecting thick discharge or something… not water-ish discharge, so be warned! Panty liners are a must). Anyways, once my 14 days of boric acid ended I was convinced I was cured (again). For 14 days I felt like a new woman! Then, I had sex, and suddenly my YI was back (this was the sex where my Lavilin Deodorant was put to the test, hah). Not sure if this was a coincidence (I had sex probably two days after my boric acid round had ended), and I know some condoms can irritate me, so I am not sure if it was the sex/condom that brought back the YI again, or once I stopped using boric acid my vagina just got angry?

Bottom line is boric acid is an excellent option if you talk to your doctor about it first, it is supposed to cure more obscure strands of yeast that over the counter crap can’t. However, this is potent stuff, and not to be used without some guidance from a doctor of pharmacist.

Currently I am getting ready to buckle down and make another appointment, because while I am using boric acid things are great, but I can’t continue to use boric acid the rest of my life.

In the meantime I read up on Garlic, and I just don’t envision myself ramming a clove of garlic up my who-ha, I decided to take a less drastic approach and start on garlic pills (I can kill two birds with one stone because my blood pressure tends to run a little high, what gives? I am only 27!). So I have been taking 4 garlic pills a day. Call me mistrusting but I don’t think 4 garlic pills are going to cut it, so I also found some information about Grapefruit Seed Extract helping yeast infections. I ran to the store and picked some up, the liquid form- I don’t have much faith in the hard tablets. I’ve been mixing 10-12 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract into some water and slugging it down twice a day. Be forwarded that it doesn’t taste as pleasant as one might think. I love grapefruit, I was thinking it would have a citrus taste (wishful thinking), but… ugh, there isn’t really a ‘taste’ too it, just a weird medicine-y-no-taste-after-taste if that makes any sense? 

Here comes the lesson for the day: I am famous for getting wild ideas, and implementing  strategic plans… usually these ideas and plans blow up in my face. You’d think I’d learn. Anyways on the Grapefruit Seed Extract bottle there were directions on some uses for GSE, one use was to dilute the GSE and use it as a douche (for any of the uses of GSE you HAVE to dilute it!). Well I know Douching is a big no-no, so I got a what I thought to be genius idea to dilute the GSE with some diluted Tea Tree Oil and dab it on the external areas that have been giving me so much trouble. I did it one night, and wow, it seemed to help. I did it another night, and wow, yes it was helping. Then I got ballsy and decided to use coconut oil, Tea Tree Oil, and the GSE mixture on a tampon and insert it overnight…. ALONG with using this mixture on the outside of my vag. Well, I assume I didn’t dilute the GSE enough for my external mixture… because it started to burn, not in a ‘my crotch is on fire’ burn, but more of a ‘I just had sex with a really big dick’ SORE slow burn. I ignored it for a while, I told myself “The burn means it’s working, killing off yeast! Hah! Take that!”…. finally I couldn’t take it anymore and rubbed some coconut oil down there, and this helped take the edge off.

When I woke up the next morning my vag was still cursed with a weird slow sore burning. Crazy sore. Like I couldn’t even put my underwear on sore. Of course sheer panic ripped through me, while my vagina has been pissing me off lately, I still love it and don’t want to burn it off or something drastic. After all it’s useful when it is working properly. On my bed, legs up (well leg and stump up), with a hand mirror I was trying to see the damage I caused. I do not claim to be flexible or have stellar eyesight… so trying to get a good view of what I had done to my womanhood didn’t work well. In a panic I texted my ex telling him “I put grapefruit Seed Extract on my vagina trying to cure a yeast infection, I think I had a mishap, it hurts soooooooooo bad! If it still hurts tomorrow you have to look at my vagina and tell me if it looks like I burned it to shreds! This is an emergency!!!!!!!!”… I got a classy response of “WTF, why did you put grape jelly on your vagina?!” Ugh. No help. I looked at my bottle of GSE and it stated “If full strength GSE comes n contact with skin flush the area with water for 10 minutes, and irritation may last for 48 hours” ….That made me feel better, my irritation lasted for 24 hours, and today it feels almost back to normal.

So, the moral of the story about GSE is that you’ll probably be better off drinking it, rather then making some crazy concoction to dab on. Don’t learn this lesson the hard way, it was not pleasant.

While I think garlic pills, and the GSE twice a day is actually helping (I am a little surprised myself)… I am thinking of purchasing the FemDophilus. It has decent reviews, and while I have tried acidophilus before I haven’t gotten a hardcore one, I just get the cheap crap and hope for the best. Hey, I am on a budget. I feel it is time to ante up, fork over the 25 bucks (I found it cheaper online, but it’s also at Wholefoods… and of course they want to rip you off price wise, but at this point I don’t care). I am going to give it a go. It is time to kick this problem in the butt. I am determined to rid myself of this annoyance, and figure out what is going on. I am going to take back my womanhood! I am going to take back my vaginal health! No mercy. Balls to the wall. And hopefully other women out there who suffer from this don’t give up either.

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  1. Trinity replied:

    Eat unsweetened yogurt every day – you have a flora imbalance in your intestines! No sugar at all when you have one. Just trying to help, although I just realized this post is many years old. I came here to read about the remington wand and got hooked! 🙂

  2. ness replied:

    Yeast infections are a tricky thing…for me boric acid did work..but i also changed my diet..seems as though yeast likes the sugary stuff we put in our body. After intercourse i get up wash off, and dry off, cause yeast loves moisture.

  3. replied:

    I wish your story was a one off, but unfortunately it’s quite common. Boric acid is great at treating thrush, but it only treats the symptom and not the cause. There’s something else going on further up the chain. Keep on with what you’re doing now, keep trying things to find the trigger or deficiency. Yeah balls to the wall! lol!

    – Louise.

  4. Ashley replied:

    It seems like I’m facing the same issue what ended up working for you? I would really appreciate any advice 😦

    • glambomb replied:

      Oh man sorry to hear that! I know how much it sucks, but unfortunately I’m still dealing with it. My case is so bad that I think the only thing that is going to cure this problem is a Candida Diet, which probably won’t happen any time soon (hey, I’m being honest here!). Some things that help me are still the Vaginal Flora Pro-biotics, I still use monistat like a crazy person… but I also make my own suppositories with coconut oil and tea tree oil and freeze them (if you read up on homemade suppositories you’ll find some recipes. You can add oregano oil and other things- but research and be careful, if you have a doctor who is into natural remedies I’d even suggest talking to them about what you plan to use). I also find that a lot of my yeast issues start on the ‘outside’ of my vaginal area so pretty much every night I apply some sort of external cream- sometimes it’s monistat’s external cream, and I also have several natural ones I use- dermariche anti fungal helps me but it smells TERRIBLE, very oregano-y and I feel like my vagina then smells like spaghetti sauce after I use it. (I guess it could smell worse, haha). If I have a really bad flare up I still will take the Grapefruit Seed Extract in liquid form 3 times a day for a while.

      ….But like everyone else has said, I know I need to get to the root of the problem, which means changing my diet. I think at some point when I’ve become entirely broke because of the amount of money I spend on my vagina monthly, it will hit me that I need to get hardcore. I know of a good natural path that I’ve been considering going to, but seriously…. while I am not out of control with my sweets, I LOVE them! I can’t imagine life without chocolate, but the sad thing is I also currently can’t imagine my life without a yeast infection. Sad. I don’t think I’ve gone more than a few days without having a yeast infection in the last several years. It’s always there. I barely remember life when my vagina was happy and carefree! So I hope you have better luck! There are a lot of success stories out there, but I think when nothing else is working you have to consider revising your entire diet and you have to be more dedicated and hardcore than me. Haha.

      I wish you the best of luck! Let me know if you find something that works for you!

  5. mj replied:

    Have you sanitized your underwear? Washing will do no good….I put mine in the microwave for 30 seconds on high. As long as there is nothing metallic in them, you should be fine. Also, have your partner get treated as well. Men can carry yeast as well as women and can reinfect you.

  6. Sofi replied:

    I’ve been going through the exact same thing for the past 2 yrs now. I miss my healthy vagina. Any please keep this updated and I’ll let you know of I find anything that works. I can tell you though that I did try the diet very strictly for about 4 months and I failed to notice a difference. In fact since the diet I have been getting a strong YI every single time I’m about to get my period, unlike before when I got them mostly just after having sex. One thing that did briefly work for me (had my vag feeling perfect for a few months) was Monolaurin. You can get it at stores like vitamin shoppe. Try it let me know what you think.

    Please keep us updated 🙂


    • glambomb replied:

      Sorry to hear the diet didn’t help! Recently I’ve drastically cut back on my sweets and I’m eating mostly raw… I haven’t noticed much of a difference with my YI issues either. Granted, I am not doing this diet to rid candida, just felt like I needed a diet/lifestyle overhaul so I’m probably not totally in tune with the strict candida diet… but I was still hoping I’d see a little bit of an improvement. I have to go to the vitamin shoppe next week to stock up on some vitamins so I will check out he Monolaurin! How many did you take a day? Did they stop working or did you stop taking them? Best of luck to you, and I’ll keep you posted if I happen to stumble upon any magical cure!

  7. Kat replied:

    I wanted to share my Boric Acid story with you, LOL. Several years ago I was getting monthly yeast infections & was in pure agony. Monistat stopped working for me & I was sick of calling the doctor for a Diflucan prescription! She suggested Boric Acid to me. The first time I did it I had the pharmacy fill them for me & the doc had me do 2 capsules a night for 10 days and then 1 capsule every other night for 2 weeks…that was almost 7 years ago & I haven’t had a YI since!
    Boric Acid has been a LIFESAVER for me & I have been using it regularly for the past 7 years. I make my own capsules now though & I pop one in after sex, after my period ends or if I’m feeling a little scratchy down below…they always get my PH balance right back on track.
    I know you said you used them but then stopped. I’d encourage you to continue using regularly since this issue is still ongoing for you! My doctor has said it’s perfectly safe as long as you aren’t pregnant. Good luck!

  8. Carol replied:

    I know I am late in the game here, but I wanted to mention that hormones may be playing HUGE part in your ongoing YI. Yeast LOVE to munch on Progesterone. Check into taking a saliva test (can purchase at the compound pharmacy). If your Estrogen is low it will not be able to keep the yeast from eating the Progesterone. If that is the case there is natural Phytoestrogen that you can get from any healthfood store (I take the Vitacost brand). And not to downplay your pain, but your story telling skills are hilarious!! Thanks for the humor!!

  9. Alicia replied:

    Hey Glambomb,
    I hope your yeast infections are a thing of the past, but if not, my company, Ladybits Toiletries, makes an all-natural product called Jelly that may help. I’d be happy to send you a tube, just contact me at

  10. Jessica replied:

    I TRY (TRY!) to drink lots of water. I’ve found I need at minimum, 3-24oz bottles a day to keep from getting itchy & maintain my chocolate habit. If I’ve had to much sugar & I start getting itchy, I have my husband lube up with some organic, virgin coconut oil & we have some fun 😉 usually does the trick! When it doesn’t, I do the coconut/tea tree suppository. Hope that helps anyone out there! Thanks for all of the YI & deo info Glambomb! I am also a girl out in the world who would love not to stink, itch, or have breakouts!

  11. sue replied:

    I’ve had ongoing candida issues for some years now and thought I’d share my current situation. I’ve had a fancy stool test done and its revealed I’m full of yeast and (yuk) parasites. My naturopath has recommended a product called Canxida which you can buy online from the States which kills parasites, yeast, bacteria – the works. I’m waiting for the delivery and in the meantime taking GSE orally which does pretty much the same thing. Don’t give up!!!

  12. Lyndi replied:

    Hey Glambomb – ru still having problems? Me & you sound v.similar! I’ve been having issues since my late teens, I’m now almost 40!!! Have tried loads of different ‘cures’ thinking every time this will be the one! Have just ordered some boric acid after reading a lot of good reviews about it. Fingers crossed!! I’m also a sugar addict & im sure this doesn’t help matters but I also think it’s related to stress too. As I said I’ve been suffering for almost 20 yrs but it’s been v.bad for the past 3yrs, whenever I went through a very stressful time. I’m nowhere near as stressed now but it’s kinda stuck with me unfortunately. I just think in this day & age it’s ridiculous that women have to put up with this! I couldn’t see men walking about with sore penises everyday! But us women are just having to put up with it till we hopefully find something that works for us! I hope you & everyone else that posted have found a cure or at least some relief!

  13. adminlittlebirdawake replied:

    did you have the watery discharge after you were done with the boric acid? I stopped mine two days ago and had a major leak today 😦

    • glambomb replied:

      From what I remember I think I did. During my course of using the Boric Acid I was convinced I was peeing myself it was so watery and so much-like I’ve had discharge but it was never that watery. It was weird, it would soak through jeans, just like I had pee’d myself! I obviously related it to the Boric Acid. Then I stopped using it and switched back to Monistat and I think I ended up with a major watery leak too several days after I switched back to monistat- thus I freaked out and literally thought I had bladder leakage issues, thought maybe it wasn’t linked to the Boric Acid! But I think that was my last bout of watery discharge. So I wouldn’t too worried, but I totally understand because I was horrified! Give it a few more days and see what happens.

      However, funny thing you posted this because I just have been using Boric Acid again for the last few nights. I had to go on a round of Anti-Biotics and it made my already existing battle with yeast a full on war. Man. My yeast has flared up so bad. I decided to give Boric Acid another shot- however the one thing I did differently is filled the 00 capsule with boric acid (just for a measuring guide so I got the right amount) but I dumped the boric acid from the capsule into new/clean/empty applicator (the kind you get from the box’s of Monistat) because I was wondering if part of all the discharge was the capsule that perhaps didn’t all the way melt? So I just used the capsule as a measuring guide and filled the applicator and inserted the boric acid that way. I have to say, while I still have gotten slightly watery like discharge it doesn’t seem as much as when I inserted the capsule too. We’ll see, but so far the discharge is way more manageable!

      • adminlittlebirdawake replied:

        Interesting about how you’re using it now- good luck! And you just made a very panicked girl feel a lot better 🙂 THANK YOU (about the leaking). Yeast sucks. Ive been doing no sugar diet too, for months. No fun! The boric acid actually works great down there for the yeast. I was taking a lot of Diflucan but was scared I was killing my liver! Ha! Glad I found your blog 🙂


  14. Briana replied:

    It’s such a relief knowing I am not the only dealing with this, although I would never wish chronic yeast infections on anyone. I’ve tried everything it feels like. Some months are better than others. I have given up alcohol and limit my sugar intake, although I want to say that helps,but I still have the discharge on certain days of my cycle. Iv been drinking kombucha and I like to believe that’s kinda helped as well. This week I finally got the courage to stick a capsule of boric acid up my lady parts, and yes I see a difference but it’s to early to tell. I’m afraid when I stop taking it what will happen. I’m going to try GFE and see how that helps. It’s just so try having a relationship while dealing with these issues I cannot cure. I have given up on doctors cuz they don’t help and neither do their medications. We’ll I hope we all can find a cure that works for our bodies because this is seriously a nightmare at times.

    • glambomb replied:

      Have you tried giving up dairy?

      My acne has gotten so bad the last several years, it keeps turning more and more into horrible cystic acne that I cannot get rid of. So I decided to eliminate dairy from my diet to see if it helped my acne. Well I’ve been dairy free for about….6 months? And a few months ago I noticed I was rarely needing to use Monistat (I literally have used Monistat- or boric acid nightly for the past few years… if I skipped a night I would totally pay for it, it was THAT bad). Since my yeast symptoms suddenly eased up I got risky and decided to quit using Monistat to see how long I could go without it. I was able to quit using it for about a week then had a tiny flare up, cleared it up with a round of Monistat, then I was able to quit Monistat again for a few more weeks, then a little flare up… so on and and so on and each flare up became less frequent, then suddenly I stopped having yeast flare ups all together. I haven’t used Monistat in over a month now! Maybe my body finally got it’s shit together, but I am wondering if it has something to do with going diary free because it’s also helped my acne, and that’s the only change I have made in my diet and routine. I noticed a lessing of yeast infection symptoms when I got hardcore about no dairy and stopped ‘cheating’ here and there. I obviously can’t tell if there is a ‘real’ correlation there, but it’s interesting. Maybe it was a hormone thing and dairy was making the yeast worse? Who knows. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my vagina stays happy. But if you aren’t dairy free maybe give it a try? Just a random idea, no idea if it will help or if it’s even what helped me.

      Best of luck. Trust me, I absolutely know what you’re going through.

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