Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo Review

So the other day I stumbled upon a small try me size of Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo and here’s what the bottle had to say-

Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo is a mineral and clay based dry shampoo, it creates volume as it absorbs impurities, excess oil and product build-up. No water necessary. It helps maintain color with less frequent washings, Talc-free formula is invisible and provides UV protection.

Tips: Leave in hair for two minutes, then brush out excess product. Provides a matte finish – if a shinier texture is desired, follow up with Big Sexy Hair Big Shine Spray. Great as a pick-me up between washings.

I liked the idea of using a mineral and clay base because I was hoping that would combat the powdery effect so many other dry shampoos leave behind.  I’ve used KMS, Kenra, Snappi’s, and a few other brands and I feel like they all leave a powdery finish or start to flake making me look like I have the hair of a powdery snow queen at the day’s end.

First, and most important to a girl… I like the smell of this dry shampoo! It’s not overpowering like some other brands I’ve tried, but it still rids hair of any oily hair scent.

Next, drum roll please…. NO WHITE RESIDUE on my red hair! That being said I feel like this has a very light/fine hairspray-ish texture to it. It makes my hair…. Stiff? No, not even stiff but more of a coated matte texture. I find myself being compelled to add some shine spry to my hair after I’ve used this dry shampoo, which seems odd to use a product to rid me of oily hair, but then have to add an oily shine spray?

I think the coated texture is what adds the volume and yes, this product does add a bit of volume to my hair but I can’t decide if I like it because it comes with a coated dirty feeling (not dirty looking) umph of volume, not a shiny umph of volume. It’s a matte finish just like the description states, but I liked that it didn’t necessarily dull down my red hair, but rather made my hair LOOK clean but FEEL dry, dirty and coated.

My tips for using this- Make sure you are spraying from FAR away! With this product since it makes your hair feel so coated use a light hand when applying. Less is more!

I also got a small can of Big Sexy Hair Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray which I like a lot! I spray this on after the dry shampoo and it adds a bit of shine and bounce back in my hair without the ‘oily’ shine effect, plus it helps keep my hair from frizzing out!

Despite my mixed feelings on the Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo I will probably purchase a big bottle because it dries clear on my red hair, but that’s the only pro I can find with this product- but that’s a BIG pro for me. If it didn’t dry clear I would NOT recommend this product because of how it makes your hair feel.




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Chae Organics AcneTX Treatment System Review

From high school on I’ve suffered from a mild case of acne but it’s always been hit or miss- as in sometimes my skin is entirely an unmanageable hot mess, sometimes it’s manageable and on occasion I have completely clear skin (I go on a lot of dates when that happens!). I’m sure being a product junkie played a role in the random acting up of my skin, but when I hit about 25 I found a handful of products that didn’t bother my skin and I stuck to them and stopped trying new face products weekly- I know… how boring! Since then my skin remained pretty predictable, but I started battling dry skin where as in my younger years my skin had always been combination.

About two years ago it was like a time bomb went off and my skin went CRAZY. I was breaking out with dry patches and horrible underground zits…. even on my cheeks (in previous years it had always been my chin that would break out, never my cheeks!). I suddenly felt like I was in high school, and I was absolutely embarrassed! I knew better than to try proactive or other teen based acne skin care lines because they would make my already dry skin turn into a desert! I had just switched over to all natural deodorant at this point, and I thought that maybe all natural skin care would be the answer- no harsh chemicals for my dry, acne prone, large pore, sensitive, red skin!

Years ago (this was in the 80’s!) my parents were dedicated users of Linda Chae’s make-up, and to this day they still brag about how amazing her make-up was. My mom suggested I look her up because she had heard that Linda branched out into natural skin care. I did a search and discovered her site:, and I found a toxic free, natural Acne kit… for the price of 75 bucks ON SALE. Initially I said no way was I going to pay that kind of money. A few months later after my skin was getting worse and worse I caved and logged onto her site and put an order in for the AcneTX Treatment System- and once I put thought into it I was getting a lot of products in generous sizes.

Within a week or using the cleanser, toner, repair lotion, and EraceR my skin cleared up by a good 50%… no joke. Even my parents noticed! There was no burning, no added dryness and there was no ‘it gets worse before it gets better’ side effects for me, which was my favorite part. Anyone with acne wants to see RESULTS as soon as possible.

After several months of following the steps in the AcneTX Treatment System my skin cleared up a good 80% and I noticed a refinement in my pore size. Suddenly I was able to keep my skin in check, and I wasn’t waking up every morning racing to the mirror to see what new zits I’d have to battle for the day. I’m not going to lie and say this acne kit made my skin FLAWLESS and completely zit free (but my skin hasn’t been FLAWLESS since I was like 10). But 80% clearer skin that was consistent and HEALTHY was something I didn’t even think was possible for my skin.

Ultimately after a few years of using this kit I discovered the AcneTX cleanser and the Thera-P Relief Gel works amazingly well for my skin. I don’t buy the full kit anymore because I’ve been getting away with using those two products, and I keep an EraceR around just for troublesome outbreaks. However, recently my skin is majorly acting up again and I am thinking about reordering the kit and start from square one and use EVERYTHING in the kit to get a grip on my cranky skin. But currently I am sampling another all natural skin care brand just to see if I can save money, and get results. So we’ll see (I’ll write a review about the other natural skin care I’ve been using after I give it a fair chance!).


Here’s what the kit includes, and my mini review of each of the products included in the AcnteTX Treatment System:


AcneTX™ Cleanser – 4 oz – Deep pore cleanser: Love this cleanser, it has baking soda in it so there is a mild grainy (I can’t even call it grainy… just a little bit of a barely there non harsh smooth scrub texture). What makes me love this cleanser is it didn’t tear up, burn or dry out my sensitive skin. Washes my off my makeup without a problem and my skin feels clean after I use this.


OXYTX™ Toner – 4 oz – With O2XY™ antimicrobial benefits: I feel like I always underestimate toners, for some reason they don’t seem exciting to me and I always feel toners never live up to all the hype/promises. I used to think I couldn’t tell the difference when I used this or didn’t- but currently I haven’t been using the toner or the full kit anymore and my skin has been acting up, and for the first year I used this toner at least once a day and my skin was way clearer. So maybe it does more than I thought?! Unlike other toners this has never irritated or made my skin feel tight after I apply it. I also like that you just spritz it on which I find to be refreshing.


AcneTX™ Repair – 1 oz – Clinically tested, oil free protection: This stuff makes my skin pretty smooth all the while I feel like it soaks in.  I will say that if you have DRY skin this is not much of a ‘moisturizer’ and you will need something extra, especially if you wear make-up- I do NOT like this under my make-up. This stuff lasts a long time because you only  need a little pump to cover your entire face, and I think it’s one of the better smelling products in the kit!


Thera-P™ Relief Gel – 2 oz – Soothing, Anti-inflammatory, Healing: For the first 6 months or so of using this kit I ignored the There-P Relief Gel. Since I have dry skin I am convinced anything ‘gel’ based is going to dry out my skin… despite the description of this product being smoothing I just refused to give it a fair shot at first. I also didn’t know when to apply the Thera-P Relief Gel and to be honest I thought it smelled a tad funny (sort of like a flower/weed scent and dirty socks?! Good thing is the scent doesn’t linger). Well I ended up misplacing the AcneTX Repair one week (it rolled under my bed… anything that winds up under my bed is rarely recovered), so in a mad panic I started using the Thera-P Relief Gel in it’s place… and my skin LOVED it. I apply it after I wash my face and tone my face. Then I reapply it again a little later, and then one more layer before bed. It has never made my skin feel dry (sometimes it will make my skin feel a little tight if I layer too much on). It has a just a nice soothing cooling effect especially for my skin, because my skin always seems irritated. I honestly SWEAR by this product, it has become one of my holy grail products. Works awesome for razor bumps and rashes too!


Glacier Silt Sample – .25 oz – Relieves Redness, Stimulates Recovery: I find this smells a little like manure… but again, I like this mask because it makes my skin feel incredibly baby butt smooth and acne masks NEVER do that! I don’t use it regularly enough to notice if it really helps my acne, I only use it every month or so but a little goes a long way.


EraceR – 1 oz – Eliminates blemishes and scars: I find the EracR does dry my skin out a little too much if I use it regularly (nightly), so I use it more as a spot treatment, or around my time of the month I will apply it to my entire face for a few days just to help prevent any break-outs from starting. I also swear by this if you end up picking at blackheads or zits, I find this will calm the area down and help prevent any more ‘damage/breakouts’ to freshly picked skin. This stuff is awesome, and I would use it regularly if my skin wasn’t so dry because when I get on a kick of using it more regularly (usually in summer when my skin is a hair more oily) I notice my skin stays a lot clearer! If you want to  try ONE Chae product for acne I’d recommend starting with this one.


I highly suggest buying the kit just to dabble in all the products, obviously some products you may like better than others but don’t underestimate ANY of these products, give them all a fair chance! I’ve suggested this kit to almost ANYONE I know who suffers with acne- whether it’s teen or adult acne. Also Chae Organic’s customer service rocks and always answer any questions I have, and they always include samples of their other products in ever order and I really appreciate that because it allows me to sample products that otherwise I wouldn’t try.












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