Natural Deodorant Reviews- Pit Putty, Healing-Scents, In Love with Body Care, and Relax Deodorant

It’s a joke among friends and family that I should be paid to be a deodorant tester… I am literally obsessed with trying natural Deodorants (you can read one of my first run ins with natural deodorant here: ), and for the last few years I’ve probably tried 60+ different natural deodorants.

If you’re questioning my dedication here’s a picture of just ONE of my deodorant stashes. I have many more drawers, boxers, make-up bag stashes littering my entire bedroom and bathroom.

Obviously it’s been a journey exploring natural deodorants, and I think the biggest tip I could offer anyone is this is a process of trail and error. I run into more deodorants that don’t work than do work. But the more you try you start to learn what your body likes, and now that I know what works best for my body chemistry I am finding more and more deodorants that work for me.

For me I’ve learned:

  1. My body chemistry mixes horribly with Unscented, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Mint, and Tea Tree. I do best with lemon, citrus and spicy essential oils/scents.
  2. Baking Soda is a must for me in any formula.
  3. Spray deodorants are not effective for me.
  4. No matter what I have to re-apply/touch up during the day to keep odor at bay (hey I’m honest, I battle BO!).
  5. I do best when I layer different deodorants. I know it sounds ridiculous, but come on I gotta do something with all my dozens and dozens of deodorants! My layering routine changes/rotates, some days I’ll layer 3 different deodorants, and some days I’ll layer 6 different deodorants (I have a sex and a out dancing layer routine that is dynamite…. It’s a no fail godsend!). But I have a few deodorants that are my secret weapon, which I’ll share with you!

If you happen to read this and have a question about a certain deodorant you are looking into feel free to hit me up, chances are I’ve tried it!

Bubble and Bee-

No matter what deodorants I am layering I always finish off and touch up throughout the day with Bubble and Bee Lemon and Clove with Baking Soda Pit Putty. I love the scent- mild lemon spice, but it strangely mixes well with my sweet perfume, but better than the scent is it’s outstanding performance.

I can confidently say that out of the 60+ natural deodorants I have tried over the years this little gem is the ONLY one that keeps me dry. I don’t have much of a wetness issue, but in summer everyone gets a little sweaty. If you happen to get a little puddley once you apply this it quickly absorbs any moister (and funk) to make you feel fresh right away. A lot of natural deodorants are full of coco and shae butters leaving you with that overly moisturizing/greasy feeling (which I can’t stand). There is nothing worse then applying a deodorant especially on a hot day that feels too moisturizing/slippery, it just adds to that gross sweaty feeling. Pit putty has an odd consistency compared to most natural deodorants. When it’s at room temp it’s kind of hard/powdery clumpy when you apply, and even when Pit Putty gets a little melty in hot weather it’s more of a thicker firm melty?… but once you can rub it in it automatically spreads and dries with no greasy feeling while absorbing wetness.

Yes, if do some research you’ll find some people complain about the white crumbly mess this can leave behind. It works best if you apply it and then rub it in with your fingers. I don’t see this as a deal breaker; I mean I’d rather rub my fingers over my armpit than have BO! However, I will say that this deodorant can be messy! I apply my deodorant in my bedroom, and stuff crumbles all over my hardwood floors. Stephanie (the owner of Bubble and Bee) mentions some tips on making this less messy such as don’t over apply and keep it in the refrigerator (prevents the coconut oil from getting too warm so it keeps the pit putty more solid/harder and less crumbling). Well, these tips are GREAT, but if you’re like me… a self proclaimed over applier of product then these tips aren’t very realistic! That being said I’ve briefly considered a mini fridge in my room to store this deodorant because it is so much less messy when it’s kept at a colder temperature… but that would be over the top, and I thin people would really question my sanity!

Beyond making a mess on my bedroom floor (which I clean up daily with a dust buster) I think the major con of Pit Putty is if you are like me and carry your deodorant around with you for touchups throughout the day… this isn’t the best choice due to messy factor (however that’s never stopped me!). Last summer I was on a date at a guys house (he was cooking for me, awwww), and I raced to the bathroom for a sneaky deodorant touch up (I felt a make-out session coming on), well Pit Putty ended up all over his bathroom floor and in a mad rush I was trying to pick up the little crumbles which prolonged my bathroom visit making me take a suspiciously long time. When I came out of the bathroom I wanted to announce “No I wasn’t taking a crap, I was reapplying deodorant that got all over your floor and I was trying to clean up…” but that sounded like a ridiculous excuse!  The best tip is if you’re using Pit Putty in warmer months is to barely turn the deodorant up, keep it almost level with the sides of the deodorant container and this helps prevent it from crumbling.

Stephanie also offers cream deodorants which eliminate the mess but work just as well as the Pit Putty Sticks for most, I tried the Lemon and Clove Cream version and while I like it, I prefer the stick- keeps me fresher longer. I just deal with the mess, and you also have to keep in mind my mom uses this deodorant- one swipe on each pit and while she has mentioned the fact it is a bit crumbly she doesn’t have much of a mess issue with it like I do.

The awesome thing about Bubble and Bee is that they understand not every deodorant formula/scent is going to work with your body chemistry, so they will keep sending you a new deodorant until you find one that works to keep your BO at bay. I’ve honestly tried every single scent/formula of Bubble and Bee (they offer Pit Putty’s, Creams, Sprays, and bee’s wax sticks!), and most of them didn’t work for me. Stephanie probably got sick of my whiney e-mails, but she always responded and was so helpful. I would have given up on Bubble and Bee right off the bat because the first Pit Putty I tried did not work for me, it’s all about trial and error and Stephanie realizes this and she makes that awful trial and error process as smooth (and stink free) as possible.  So what do you have to lose?

Healing Scents-

I discovered a year ago or so by accident. I think their website is a bit confusing but it’s chuck full of information and a great selection of natural products.

They offer the same deodorant in four different formulas- Cream, roll on, spray, and powder. They’re all the same scent, which is basic a herbal/earthy/natural scent.  Side note: The stick and the cream are the SAME… it’s a thick cream, but you can either get it in the stick or the pot. However the cream is cheaper, so I buy the cream but again a lot of people have issues with applying deodorant with their fingertips and prefer the stick. I’m too cheap for that!

The deodorant states that you should give it up to three days to really work for you, and I found this to be true. By day three it really kicks in, so give it a fair chance.

Consistency/texture wise I am not a HUGE fan, like I mentioned it is very thick and a bit difficult to spread, but the plus side is it doesn’t have a greasy feeling too it. If you apply too much you’ll wind up with a gross thick coated feeling pits, so I’ve learned a little goes a long way with this stuff (which is obviously very hard for me and my heavy handed applications!). I tend to use this for a week or so in my routine and then skip a week, simply because my body seems to get used to a deodorant and then stops working, and I really don’t want my body to get immune to this deodorant because it’s really tough on odor and works awesome!

In Love With Body Care-

I ended up buying 3 different scents and formulas of In Love Deodorants after hearing rave reviews (My credit card hates me!). I ordered the original, the Est Soothe in freshmint, and the Est in Greece (citrus).

Out of all of them I liked the Est Greece scent and it’s performance, it’s tough on odor! The trouble with this is I cannot use it regularly because it irritates my underarms, which is odd considering I don’t have sensitive pits in the least. While this doesn’t leave a ‘rash’ it simply makes my underarms feel raw if I use it for more than two days in a row. This really bums me out because it works exceptionally well. So I save this for my sex or out dancing deodorant layering routine!

I also had ordered the Est Freshmint Soothe, and it stated the new soothe formula was for sensitive skin, however this also made my pits feel sore, just maybe not as bad. I didn’t think it worked as well, but that also could have been the scent as mint scents don’t seem to blend with my chemistry very well.

The original didn’t bother my pits (I also liked the consistency of the original much better, it’s more silky and invisible where the other two formulas are a pit thick/sticky and needs a few to dry and sink into the skin), but this original unscented also didn’t help tame any BO, but generally anything unscented does not work for me. They offer the original (silk) in the Greece and freshmint scent, so I think I may try the Silk formula in the Greece scent and see what happens.

I would recommend giving this a try though, but I would probably start out trying the Soothe formula and going from there.

Relax Deodorant-

I came across this on and the ONLY reason I bought it was because I was able to mix my own scent and I wanted/ordered a blend of Lemon, Clove, Ginger and Bay Rum. Formula wise it didn’t seem to be anything special at first glance- your normal mix of baking soda, beeswax and so on. I’ve tried dozens of cream deodorants that sounded exactly like this.

When it arrived I could BARELY smell the scent, which honestly made me mad. I felt like I got gypped on the essential oil front, so I chucked it in my stash as disappointment took over.

Recently I went to a funeral so a combination of stress, and a polyester black jacket left me totally pitted out by the end of the day. Generally when I pit out there is no ‘covering’ it up or neutralizing it, I just have to start from scratch and wash my underarms (even with my number 1 favorite deodorant- Pit Putty, if I pit out Pit Putty can’t completely freshen me up, it does a better job at preventing ordor). However I was feeling lazy, and I grabbed this Relax Deodorant and rubbed it on as an experiment. To my absolute shock it completely ridded me of my BO and left me with the lightest of light scents, and then I applied a layer of Pit Putty and I was completely fresh and odor free the rest of the evening. No odor crept  through!

The next day I used only Relax Deodorant on freshly cleaned pits (I do like to initially test deodorants by themselves without my layering routine) and it kept me pretty fresh for half of the day without reapplying (which is actually a big feat), and the second I started to get a little funky I reapplied Relax Deodorant and it took away all traces of  odor.

So I am pretty obsessed with this. It’s the only deodorant I have ever run across that will eliminate odor if I’ve pitted out and the damage is done. For anyone who has BO issues you know how valuable this is, and even if you don’t major pitting out issues we all have days where our deodorants majorly fail! This little guy is AWESOME to keep in a purse, locker, or wherever in case you’re in need of a total touch up/refresher!

Now I am not sure if the effectiveness of this is contributed to my Lemon, Clove, Ginger, Bay Rum concoction… a lot of the blends/scents they offer are fragrance oils and I blended mine mostly with essential oils which are better for battling odor, plus I know what essential oils work best with my body chemistry so this could be another factor in why it works so well for me. But I strongly suggest giving Relax Deodorant a try and blending you own scents of Essential Oils if you are familiar with EO’s- or give one of the MANY blend/scents a try! Plus at the affordable price you can’t go wrong.

….In conclusion I hope this helped some of you out. Keep in mind I am VERY hard to please when it comes to deodorants, almost nothing is ‘strong’ enough for me so I thought it was time to praise the ones that work well for me in hopes it can help someone else out!

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  1. Chris replied:

    I was curious to know if you have tried the jasmint pit putty by Bubble and Bee? If so, could you tell me if you found to be effective, and if you liked the scent?

  2. glambomb replied:

    Yup, I’ve tried it and I think it works pretty well. Generally speaking mint deodorants don’t work well for me, they seem to make me smell worse after a few hours- like a weird not-my-normal-BO PLUS a toothpaste scent. ICK! The Spearmint and Tea Tree Pit Putty worked horribly for me, so I was skeptical about trying the Jasmint but I’m a sucker for anything ‘new’.

    I still prefer my Lemon and Clove scent and performance wise, but for me the Jasmint is a runner up performance wise. It keeps me pretty fresh!

    Scent wise while I don’t dislike it, I find it doesn’t blend well with all the other scented crap I wear. So I think it smells good, but not so much a scent I want to wear if that makes sense. It’s a little overpowering in Peppermint for me, and I was expecting and still almost wish there was a bit more of a jasmine scent too it. I notice the jasmine scent as the end note, it gives the peppermint a kick of a sweet at the very end. I’d like more jasmine to mellow out the peppermint a bit more, but that’s just me! It also made my pits feel a bit ‘cool’ after applying, this didn’t bother me, but a friend with sensitive pits said the cooling feeling felt more like burning, but like I said she has really sensitive pits!

    I actually like the Jasmint Pit Putty CREAM more than the stick, because I think the cream is a bit more mellow scent wise? Plus, I added some Myrrh, Vanilla and a few other essential/fragrant oils to mine to make the scent more to my liking. I’m a crazy mix master of deodorants though.

    Overall I’d say it’s worth a try!

  3. Chris replied:

    Thanks so much! Does the cream dry after it’s applied, or does your skin stay somewhat moist? I had thought about trying one of the cream versions, but I was concerned about dampness. Is the jasmine note more noticeable in the cream-or is the peppermint the dominant scent?

  4. glambomb replied:

    Yeah I think the cream does a good job of drying and not leaving you with slick pits (I can relate because I HATE that). My own personal opinion is that I think the Pit Putty Sticks do a better job with wetness protection and are tougher on odor (but my mom LOVES the creams and prefers them over the sticks). So it’s a matter of what works for your body! For some reason I think the creams tend to be ‘smoother’ in scent, probably because they are blended with shea butter and a few extra ingredients that the sticks don’t have, which may mellow out the scent? The cream smells exactly like the stick- just a SMIDGE less intense, but yes the dominate scent in both the stick and cream is peppermint, and the jasmine is not more dominate in either the stick or cream. If that makes sense?

    You can also get a sample of the Pit Putty Creams! And if you order the Pit Putty Stick and it’s not effective Bubble and Bee has AMAZING customer service and will replace/help you find a deodorant that works for you.

    • Cynthia replied:

      I always mix the stick with the cream, and end up with something a little thicker and drier than the cream, but no crumbly mess, and easy on the touch ups during the day! I carry a little pot with me for midday, as I teach teenagers in a 90 year old building with no air conditioning! Bubble and Bee has never let me down!

      • glambomb replied:

        That’s too funny because just this morning I put in a order for a stick AND cream with the same idea in mind- mixing them into a thicker cream to carry with me for touch-ups.

  5. p.rasmussen replied:

    Dear Glam – thanx to your sage advice and dilligent testing – I am currently using the Tough Love Est Soothe Deodorant for Men in Freshmint. Nevertheless – I’m looking for a new love! Have you tried Mbeze deodorettes + Dabber Dust Dusting Powder? Has any other deodorant made it to the top of your must have list? Many thanks -unfunky mama

    • glambomb replied:

      You know, I haven’t tried the Mbeze deodorant or dabber duster. I’ve looked at them before but I feel like there’s not enough product for me to spend $10 bucks on, seeing as I got through deodorant FAST with all my re-applying. On that note it looks like they’re having a 10% sale + free shipping so maybe now is the time to give it a try!

      I recently discovered another Etsy shop called TUBBILICIOUS where she sells deodorant called Monkey Pits, Coconut Deodorant and it works great. She has AMAZING customer service- she made custom scents for me and when my order(s) came she sent me a ton of goodies/samples. She is really, really, really helpful…. After my first order with her I loved the deodorant and went to place another order but asked if she could lesson the coconut scent, add this, minus that (I know what I like so I can be a tough customer!) but she was so awesome and willing to create the perfect product for me after many emails! I now have three deodorants from her, two versions of a spiced lemon, and a spiced honey. It’s really hard to apply though and she even offered to soften with Shea Butter for me (which i’d suggest) because it doesn’t spread easily at all- that would be my only complaint but she’s looking to fix that. Also the TUBBILICIOUS deo has a coconut scent to it no mater what scent you chose- which made me a tad hesitant but she’ll lesson it for you if you ask her, and it doesn’t bother me at all now that I’ve smelled it/used it.

      Today I even mixed my TUBBILICIOUS and RELAX deodorant together which worked out amazingly!

      Link to the etsy TUBBILICIOUS store:

      FYI- RELAX deodorant and her full line of products is now on her Hyena Store:

      I also purchased a Deodorant on Etsy from the Deodorant Shop and Sam’s Natural- both are the same company one just specializes in Men’s (Sam’s) while the other caters to everyone (The Deodorant Shop). I got the Green Tea and Ginger Extra Strength Lotion Deodorant, and the Bay Rum Stick (mens). Both of them work pretty well on odor (extra strength just means they add more fragrance). I like the lotion because it’s dries quickly and isn’t overly moisturizing, and it’s a little different from a cream as it’s the texture of a lotion which is something I hadn’t tried/seen before. The Bay Rum stick is really nice as well. It leaves no slick feeling, you apply it and there’s no ‘dry time’ or beeswax-y feeling! It also smells really good…. kind of a amber/vanilla/bay rum and I don’t feel like I smell like a ‘man’ when I use it. My only gripe would be that they don’t list the essential/fragrance oils that go into their products… and I think it’s mostly fragrance oils, and I try to stick to essential oils. I just wish they would list all the OILS they use so I can check it out, but they list their other ingredients. On a side note I dig their packaging (not like that is important, but it’s nice to see a natural company have fun packaging).

  6. Lisa replied:

    What about the Soapwalla Kitchen Deoderant Cream?

    • glambomb replied:

      I tried it a long time ago when I first started using natural deo’s, and I LOVED the smell and the texture… but for me since I don’t do well with anything ‘mint’ (and it has a lot of peppermint… but not overwhelming, it’s mixed perfectly with an amazing blend of sweetness and lavender) but it didn’t work as well as I would have liked. It’s worth a try though, seriously probably one of my favorite scents I’ve come across in the natural deodorant world and I wouldn’t say it’s performance was bad, it was just an issue with my body chemistry and the peppermint making me smell funny which happens with ANY mint-y deodorant. It did do a fine job at keeping me dry though.

  7. Valerie replied:

    I love Bubble and Bee. I’m not sure if you’ve tried this or not, but I always buy a pit putty cream and it’s same-scented spray. Now, sprays alone work HORRIBLE for me, but mid-day if I need a refresher, a couple of sprays on each pit over my morning-applied cream gets rid of any odor and seems to “reactivate” my cream. Then my BO is held at bay until I go to bed (and sometimes until the next morning)! Have you tried this in your “layering” approach?

    • glambomb replied:

      I’ve tried the Lemon and Clove spray, but it burned my pits like a mofo! Then at some point I had a lemon and Ginger spray mixed up and I’d use that when layering but never noticed if it really helped… I just liked the smell of the lemon and ginger because scent wise it went nicely with the lemon and clove pit putty.

  8. Richard replied:

    Have you tried Essensia Naturals yet? I’ve been using it for a few months now and I can’t believe how good it works. I can go all day and have zero smell at the end. I used to have to shower before going to dinner but I don’t need to do that anymore. My friends think I’m obsessed with smell but I’m not really, I just don’t like to smell like BO. I think it is designed for women as the packaging looks a bit girly and it smells kind of like gratefruit but it’s light enough that no one can smell it over my cologne. Love it, would you try it and do a review I’m curious what you think.

  9. Dave Noel replied:

    Nice job! Have you tried any of Sam’s Natural deodorants. Men’s Journal this month gave it a thumbs up review. Thanks, Dave

  10. Jillayne replied:

    Have you tried Primal Pit Paste or PITS! by THinc skin?
    I’m between them and the Pit Putty and I’m just curious if you could tell me which one is better? Thanks!

    • glambomb replied:

      I have tried Primal Pit Paste and I actually have a review written up that I haven’t gotten around to posting. I tried their Lavender Extra Strength, Spice stick, and the Orange scent. When they arrived I was horrified…. they all smelled like the cooking spice cumin and BO… I couldn’t smell ANY essential oils just a foul BO scent in all three of the deodorants. I emailed them complaining because I KNEW there had to be something wrong. Customer service was nice, but thought I was a weirdo and insisted I didn’t get an ‘off batch’…. anyways, a few weeks later customer service got back to me saying they had gotten a few other complaints (so my nose was NOT crazy!) and they agreed with me, there was a strange cumin scent and they said they had started using a different arrowroot powder, so they thought that’s what caused the strange smell. They sent me all new deodorants, and customer service and I agreed that while the new ones smelled better there was still a slight cumin scent to them. I think it is the arrowroot powder because I’ve ordered deodorants form other companies lately that noticed they’ll sometimes have that SAME cumin spice scent, and arrowroot powder is always in the common ingredient. So I think there’s something going on with arrowroot powder lately, plus you have to keep in mind I have the wordlist most sensitive nose- I seem to smell things other people don’t pick up on as much as I do….. So, the first batch of Primal Pit Paste was god awful but it wasn’t their fault as it was an arrowroot issue. Out of the new ones they scent me I liked the Lavender Strong best, works well, smells good (and I’m not even a lavender person) and I like the texture! I really wanted the orange one to work, but for some reason I think the orange smells most like that weird arrowroot cumin scent. I do plan on reordering the Lavender though!

      As for Thinc skin I ran across them a while ago, and I have yet to try it but it’s on my list!!

      I’ve been really digging Healing Scents Deodorant cream, I’ve reviewed it before but lately I’ve been applying this every night and in the morning as the first ‘layer’ of my deodorants. When I do this I can totally get away with ONLY wearing one layer of healing scents cream deodorant, one dusting of healing scents deodorant powder, and my pit putty over the top and I’ll touch up with my pit putty twice a day or so…. but I find I’m not having to layer 10 different deodorants! Trick is give the healing scents cream a few days to kill off bacteria and ONLY use it- no other deodorants (it was hard fore me…. I could barely do it, but I was knee deep in painting a cabinet in my garage for a few days so I knew I wasn’t going to be around anyone) You’ll probably have to touch up with it a lot the first few days, for me I found I was touching up with it about 4 times a day the first 2 days, then less and less. I did notice that when touching up with it 4 times a day it made my pits a little sensitive so I applied a dab of shae butter to my pits once day which helped with any sensitivity, but I ONLY had this problem when I was having to reapply it 4 times a day. After a few days I noticed a HUGE difference and I can get away with a nighttime and morning application and it seems to keep BO at bay really well. It’s not a yummy scent though, it’s not bad… but very herbaly, that’s why I like to use pit putty over it because I prefer the pit putty scent and wetness protection.

      Pit Putty may be a good one to try first… but I am bias as they are my favorite. I think they are a good place to start because of their deodorant replacement guarantee, if you try a deodorant and it doesn’t work for you they will keep offering you replacements until you find a formula that works with your chemistry. Like I always say natural deodorant is a lot of trail and error, you have to figure out what essential oils and formula’s work best with your chemistry. They also offer a Pit Putty Cream Sampler pack!

      • Jillayne replied:

        Wow! Thanks for sharing your insights. All the info, suggestions, and tips are really going to help me in my quest! I appreciate your thoroughness. I’ll start with the pit putty and try the healing scents next. I have a super sensitive nose as well, so I’ll steer clear of the Primal Pit Paste for now. I have to admit I was super excited about orange creamsicle and lemonade scents. Hopefully they can get a better quality arrowroot in the future and the cumin scent won’t be a problem. Thanks again!

  11. glambomb replied:

    Nice, I hope it works out for you! As for pit putty I’ve been using the Orange Vanilla Pit Putty for the last year or so, and I REALLY like it. I still like the Lemon and Clove but find Orange Vanilla is more of a girly scent and works *almost* as well as the lemon and clove for me. I also have a stick of pit putty where I mixed 3/4ths Orange Vanilla with 1/4 Lemon Clove pit putty and that combo works really kicks some butt, I’ve been wearing that mix most of this summer so I get the benefits of both- scent and performance!

    • JIllayne replied:

      That’s the scent I’m getting— I’m a sucker for fruity scents! What a great idea to mix it with lemon clove. I bet that’s an awesome combination! I think I’m going to have to get the sampler of the cream so I can smell all the scents and try the cream product. I need to find a scent for my man as well. I was going to go with lemongrass, but they ran out last week and won’t make it again till October. 😦 I think I’m going to get him the spearmint tea tree.

  12. Pam replied:

    Lavilin is a winner in my books! I’ve tried ’em all, but Lavilin is the only one that seems to agree with my body. Agreed that 7 days per application is optimistic, but I can generally go 2-3 days before re-applying. Good enough for me! Did you see their review in NY Mag?? Stellar!!

  13. Aremi Cervera replied:

    I bought the sun screen from them. I don’t think it worked will with my skin. It gets Irritated and reddish. Also the product is really thick which make it difficult to spread over the body and face. I am unhappy with the product. Also thinking that it will go well since it is all made naturally I bought the big bottle. Now I am stuck with this product and can’t really return it. I would not recommend

  14. glambomb replied:

    Oh man, what company did you buy the sunscreen from?? Sorry it didn’t work out for you! I know the feeling though, I have a slew of natural products- deodorants and otherwise that didn’t work for me, I hate to throw them away because that’s a waste and yet I can’t/won’t use them because they don’t work for me. Hopefully you find a sunscreen you like!

  15. JC Corres replied:

    Hey there, I came across this review during my quest for the right organic deodorant haha. I was wondering of you’ve ever tried Tom of Maines and if I could get your input on it. Right now, there have been a lot of +1s for Tom’s of Maine; I feel like its just too good to be true how an abundant of people think it’s the best. There has to be some sort of flaw in the deodorant though. I’ve never tried the three deodorants that you listed in your review; however, I’m currently researching them now. I’ve never tried a cream deodorant before; it looks a lot different from the typical stick that society is used.

    • glambomb replied:

      I’ve tried Toms of Maine, for me it never worked. I once tried the Apricot one…. terrible. I smelled so gross after 10 minutes! I recently tried a roll on of theirs, a orange zest one? I can’t recall what the name of it was but it made me smell really musty. Which is unusual for my body chemistry to react that poorly to orange scented deo’s. Tom’s isn’t very effective for me, but like any deodorant for some it works and for others it’s a epic fail! You never know. If you’re new to natural deodorants though and have odor issues I wouldn’t try Tom’s first, you’re probably going to go through a bit of detox and I think you may want to start with something a bit more effective… and more natural. I’m leery of some of Tom’s ingredients.

      Cream deodorant takes a little time to get used too, I would for sure say that while I really like Healing Scent’s Cream Deodorant it can be sticky so that may not be a cream deodorant to try right off the bat, it might freak you out…. a tip though if you ever do try it, apply very thin coats! It’s AMAZING if you can get the application down.

      A good cream deodorant I discovered is Bella Organics- I am currently using the Orange & Spice scent and it smells amazing. It smells more orange than spice to me, it sort of smells like a orange dessert. It goes on really smooth, rubs in, NO oily/slick pits at all. I actually like it better than Bubble and Bee’s cream deodorant. They also offer samples too, which is a huge bonus so you can sample before you buy to see if it even works.

      For sticks, I am also trying out a stick deo from a Etsy Shop called ItWorks in the Warm Spice. It’s REALLY spicy, very strong in scent… but it works fairly well. I layer Pit Putty over it or the Bella Organic’s over it to mellow out the spice scent (it smells really good, like a oatmeal cookie I just happen to not really want to smell like an oatmeal cookie- but clove and such oils works great on odor for me and that’s why I went with the Spice scent). Anyways, they make other scents and you can also get samples too. For a stick natural deodorant it works well, it’s not messy, it’s one of the few that I have tried that doesn’t leave me greasy, and no white marks!

  16. JC Corres replied:

    Wow, thanks for the fabulously detailed reply! Sorry I couldn’t respond in a timely manner, but I began researching Bella Organics, but I couldn’t exactly find the Itworks in the Warm spice deodorant stick; although I’m not very fond of the “spice” smell so Im not sure if I’d like it. I particularly am not fond of orange smelling items either; however, it seems that Bella Organics deodorant have a few other scents that they come in, so I think I may give it a try:). Once again thanks! Good to know that Tom’s may not be a suitable first choice of organic deodorant.

  17. Michael Hembree replied:

    I agree that the Healing Scents website needs work. That’s why I have totally redesigned it! If you would like to test it out before it rolls out to the public, we are taking applications for beta testers at

  18. VG replied:

    Have you tried PiperWai or Meow Meow Tweet ?

  19. Misty replied:

    I see that Relax Deodorant isn’t available on Etsy any more – do you know where else it can be purchased?

    • glambomb replied:

      I believe someone bought Relax Naturals? It changed owners from what I remember, and I think it you can get it here:
      But I ordered some when it first changed owners and I didn’t like it as well. Perhaps the recipe changed? For a while I was still able to order some from the old owner Rikki but now she’s entirely done with making it I think 😦

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