Hair smell burned? Review: It’s a 10 Miracle Moisture Shampoo, TIGI Bed Head Anti dotes Resurrection Conditioner, It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-IN LITE, Redken All Soft Supple Touch Softening Cream Spray

With my recent curling iron obsession I’ve been curling my hair a good 4-5 times a week and I’ve completely damaged the beejusus out of my hair. I walk around with the aroma of freshly burnt hair! What a lovely scent giiiiiiiiiirl! Mmmmm Mmmmm! Experimenting with tons of thermal protectors, using lower heat temp, cleaning my curling irons, trying 6-7 different curling irons/wands/different coatings…. doesn’t matter. I can flat iron my hair every day and it doesn’t smell burnt, but the second I wrap a section of my red locks around a curling iron, hold for 10 seconds I’m in BIG trouble.

Anyways, I beach waved my hair last Friday because I had a bootycall, and I wanted my hair to look easy, breezy, and careless…. sort of like “Oh, hi, I didn’t spend 2 hours styling my hair for YOU. I just naturally look this good“. After perfecting this careless sexy hair it smelled burnt (I had given my hair a break and hadn’t curled it for a week or so. Apparently this was NOT enough recovery time!). Perfume, dry shampoo, leave in shit, more perfume…. still it smelled burnt. I actually had to apologize to my bootycall while we were passionately rolling around in the sheets because my hair was all up in his face.

“Oh sorry my hair smells burnt. It’s from curling it”

“Maybe you should curl it at a lower temp?”

“I did! I curled it 290 degrees, usually I curl it at the hottest temperature possible! It’s a girl thing. The hotter the better, sort of like how the bigger the better…. ya know….?”

Obviously men don’t understand. Pfffft.

The next morning I was rummaging through my sea of products and broke out my It’s a 10 Miracle Moisture Shampoo, TIGI Bed Head Anti dotes Resurrection Conditioner, It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-IN LITE, and Redken All Soft Supple Touch Softening Cream Spray for Dry/Brittle Hair… and got to work. I’ve been using this amazing random combo of products for a week and I’m happy to report my hair is in tiptop shape and smells lovely! It’s looking healthier than it has looked in a long while, and I plan to go another few weeks without touching a curling iron… ohhhhhh…. it’s SO hard!

1. It’s a 10 Miracle Moisture Shampoo- I got this shampoo and conditioner years ago as a duo set. When I tried them I used them together- Shampoo + Conditioner but the aftermath of this duo was not pleasing. It left my hair coated and greasy. I never tried the shampoo and conditioner separately though, I just assumed I hated them both and chucked them off into my land field of products. Recently I got the It’s a 10 Lite volumizing collection, I gave the entire collection a whirl and it dried the crap out of my hair (except for the Leave-IN which I’ll discuss in a few). This inspired me to dig out the original It’s a 10 shampoo and conditioner, because the benefit of the It’s a 10 products are the benefits my hair would love to receive. I decided to take it slow and use the shampoo separately, and the conditioner separately…. low and behold the shampoo works some magic on my hair!!!  It’s not heavy, not coat-y. Turns out it’s the  conditioner that is too heavy and coat-y for my hair. The shampoo is now proudly in my shower, while the conditioner is in my trash can.



2. TIGI Bed Head Anti dotesResurrection Conditioner- I use both this shampoo and conditioner pretty regularly but I prefer, well LOVE the TIGI Bed Head Anti Dotes Recovery (the blue one). But since my hair was having a moment of intense crisis I thought the Resurrection Conditioner paired with the It’s a 10 Shampoo would be a good combo, and they really work well together! I was impressed that this combo left my hair soft, but it also left some healthy bounce to my hair.



3. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-IN LITE- For anyone who thinks the original It’s a 10 Leave-IN was too heavy and greasy…. I’m totally with you. I HATED that stuff. Despite the fact I have thick and color treated hair I felt it did anything for my hair except coat it! So I received the LITE when I got to try out the It’s a 10 Volumizing line, and while I hated all the other products in their volumizing line I LOVED this Leave-In LITE! It makes my hair crazy soft, manageable, less frizzy, works as a protectant all without weighing my hair down or giving me the coated feeling the original one did.  I run this through my entire head when my hair is damp, and I’ve even used a tiny amount on dry hair and it acts nicely as a frizz tamer/shine enhancer!



4. Redken All Soft Supple Touch Softening Cream Spray for Dry/Brittle Hair- I actually bought this a few months ago when I first started my curling iron obsession. The ‘dry/brittle’ hair is what sold me, I perked up and thought ‘THAT’S MY HAIR!’ (not like I should be excited about that). When I first started using this I had the oddest reaction- it was a love hate. You know how most products claim to do all this magic stuff but they rarely live up to their claims? Well this product lived up to its claims but almost TOO well. Crazy right? It actually made my dry/frizzy hair too manageable and soft! No joke, I felt ridiculous for hating on it because it did what I wanted it to do but did it too well. It made my hair so soft and manageable without weighting it down… so my hair was this little fluff of supple hair that… just…. hung there soft as silk, but yet I couldn’t work with it. Once I started putting the It’s a 10 Leave-IN LITE through my entire head, I decided to follow up by putting the Redken All Soft JUST on the ENDS of my hair and this made all the difference in the world. It makes my ends nice and soft and I feel like it helps protect my ends, but it eliminates the issue of this product making ALL my hair overly soft to the point where I can’t work with it (that sounds so ridiculous, who woulda thought you could get your hair TOO soft?!)



Anyways, I thought I’d share some of the products that saved my hair. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who suffers from burnt hair syndrome, and if anyone has some magic curling iron that does not burn hair please let me know. I’m on the market, I just haven’t told my hair yet.




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