Sirius Aurora Light Therapy System for Acne Review

As always I’ve been on a hunt for a product that will take skin to the next level. I’ve mentioned before my breakouts have cleared up for the most part, but I still get the occasional small breakout… especially as of late because I’m getting way to daring and testing out new skin care and make-up. For instance, as I type this I am recovering from a HORRIBLE breakout caused by Graftobian HD foundation. That magic little pot of HD foundation turned my clear skin into a pizza face within a few hours after applying (I’ll write a review on that next! I got a lot of anger towards that product I gotta let out!!!!!) …..Back to my skin, I simply feel my skin looks congested- blackheads, large-ish pores, dry and yet crazy summer oily skin, a few small bumps that aren’t zits or blackheads but rather just clogged pores that sit there trying to decide if they want to explode into giant underground zits.

LED blue light treatment for acne is what I decided to try. I researched for DAYS! Originally I was going to grab a cheapo off eBay just to see if it worked. Thing with that idea is that even the cheapos are around 50 bucks and are usually non returnable, thus prompted me to go with an actual company because they usually have a 30-60 day return policy. Sure they have a bigger price tag, but I could at least send it back if it didn’t work for me and not be out any money.

I went with the Sirius Aurora Light Therapy System. 60 day return policy. $150 (this was way cheaper than most competitors), plus it came with three heads- blue light for acne, red light for anti-aging, and green light for hyperpigmentation. Any beauty girl LOVES multi-tasking products! One thing that I made sure of was the blue light had wavelengths of 415 nm, because that is the most effective wavelength for acne (according to my research) and I was shocked some of the bigger companies with more expensive products (lightstim) didn’t use the 415 wavelength!!! What’s up with that lightstim? Wanna answer me???

My sirius came in about a week. It felt cheap and the interchangeable heads seemed cheap as well. It reminded me of a toy? Despite that I started using it 5 times a week, and started with the blue light to focus on my problem skin. I had no expectations for this product, seriously. In all honesty I expected it not to work and to be sending it back. Negative thought process I know, but I’ve been let down by products so many times- for instance the Clarisonic. That thing did absolutely nothing for my skin. We’ve all been there, products not living up to their claim! Waving a blue light over my face seemed kind of ridiculous, but obviously it didn’t stop me from trying it. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

First thing I want to mention is the process of using an at home LED product… is monotonous and time consuming. That being said if you’ve researched LED light therapy you should be aware of what you are getting into! So I am shocked to seem people complaining about these LED light devices: “It takes too long!!!! I don’t have time!”…. well no shit. Sitting there rubbing a light all over my face for 30 minutes is not a fun filled job, but that’s what I signed up for! Duh! If you are one of those people who doesn’t have 30 minutes to use this light, or you get bored easily, or you don’t want to put a lot of effort into your skin care regime then LED light therapy is not for you. Don’t waste your money.

Second thing I want to make note of is if you are an instant gratification type person this is not for you either. I won’t lie, after the first time I used this I raced to the mirror half expecting to see some miraculous results, I knew I was acting afool but still every girl wants instant gratification. I’d even give up instant gratification in my sex life if I could add it to my skin care life. Hah! But, LED light treatment isn’t a miracle wand that will clear up your skin in one use. It takes commitment, which usually for me means I run the other direction but under these circumstances you can’t run from commitment.


Onto the results after several weeks of regular use-

The other night I went to pick on some blackheads (I’m a picker, I love it, I know it’s terrible and it’s probably half of my battle with bad skin) but to my horror I barely had any black heads that were pick worthy! Horror obviously faded into satisfaction. No my skin was not blackhead free, but I would say there was a dramatic difference… about 30% less blackheads and the ones that were still remaining looked smaller! That figure may not seem too high or hopeful, but if you suffer from blackheads any decrease in the number blackheads riddling your skin is exciting!

In that instant I was sold. Nothing has EVER been able to help with my blackheads, let alone help within a few weeks. Like I said, even when my skin is breakout free I still have a crapload of blackheads on my chin, nose and cheeks.

I’ve been trying to clear up the Graftobian breakout which is proving to be stubborn as hell. I don’t notice the blue light helping heal the breakout. I’ve also had a few new tiny-tiny breakouts since using th light, nothing major and nothing uncommon for my skin and they heal within a few days, which is normal with or without the blue light. So I can’t tell whether this is helping actual breakouts. But it’s only been a few weeks, and I am going to start incorporating the red light as I’ve read that blue and red both help acne. The red light should also help with texture/tone of skin.

Overall I am excited to see what happens after a some more time with the Sirius. I’ll update you guys in a few weeks or so!


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  1. Andres Sol Fontanez replied:

    You never did update like you said you would. I am curious about these leds…I need to remove blackheads asap.

  2. glambomb replied:

    You know I ended up returning this devise. While it did help with my blackheads at first I found that my skin kind of plateaued after the first few weeks of the initial improvement of my blackheads. It didn’t seem to help my breakouts. I couldn’t justify spending that kind of money when I could go buy some pore strips and call it a day. However, I think a LED Blue Light is worth checking out for acne or blackheads. I love that it’s chemical free and didn’t irritate my skin, if I had gotten more/better results it would have been worth the money and it seems a lot of people have amazing results from it.

    Side note, I would NEVER recommend doing business with Sirius Beauty!…. Their customer service was HORRIBLE. If you buy through them and end up returning your purchase make sure you get tracking and insurance! They tried to tell me they never got my returned package, and once I gave them the tracking number and pointed out that the tracking showed it had arrived to their facility they magically found the package “Oh yeah, we misplaced it but we found it and we’ll refund your money right away… minus a 15% restocking fee”. I have no issue with a restocking fee but they didn’t mention the restocking fee on their website under the return policy (maybe they do now but at the time I ordered it there was no mention of restocking fee). Kind of annoying. But anyways a month later I had to email them letting them know they still hadn’t refunded me. Got a email saying they’d get on that…. this went on for THREE MONTHS and multiple emails asking for my refund! Finally I had to threaten them and let them know I’d contact Better Business Bureau and Paypal and within 24 hours I suddenly had my refund.

    Botton line if you want to order a LED Blue Light device I’d find another company. It’s rare that I complain about a company… I’m a huge sucker and always think the best of companies/people, but I 100% feel that their main goal is to rip people off.

    Best of luck to you!

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