Poofy Organics Max Deodorant- Almond Clove and Orange Creme

I’ve been eyeing Poofy Organic’s Deodorant for a while, but for the longest time the one thing that stopped me from pulling the trigger was the fact that they don’t accept Paypal, which means you have to use a credit card… and I’m trying to get my credit card DOWN!

I bit the bullet a few weeks ago and placed a order for Poofy Organics Max Deo in Almond Clove (I LOVE clove as it works well to fight body odor for me) and I also got the Orange Crème to go with my Bumble and Bee Orange Vanilla Pit Putty! 25 bucks later my credit card was pissed, but I was excited about trying yet MORE deodorants.

poofy organics

My order arrived promptly, and upon ripping my new deo’s open I was assaulted by a gross and yet familiar smell. The Orange Crème smelled like cumin spice chili powder/BO mixed with orange. The Almond Clove smelled slightly better, but still had that cumin chili powder/BO scent with a hint of clove. Being the brave sole that I am I decided to sample the Almond Clove on my pits and INSTANTLY upon application it made my pits smell like Chili powder/BO. Literally it was like I swiped a BO stick on my armpit! Ugh. I’m trying to PREVENT BO here, not slather it on willing! If I wanted to smell like BO I could do that naturally and it would be a hell of a lot cheaper.

So this cumin chili powder/BO scent has plagued a few other deodorant brands that I have tried before. Several years ago I had the same issue with Primal Pit Paste. I contacted them and told them their deodorant smelled like BO, it was so strong I couldn’t even smell the essential oils/scents of the deodorants- I had purchased a Spice, Orange and Lavender scent and each deodorant smelled like a manly man who hadn’t showered in 3 months. Costumer service treated me like I was insane, and I thought maybe I was going insane because Primal Pit Paste had awesome reviews and I couldn’t understand HOW. Was it a set up?!?! Anyways, several weeks later Primal Pit Paste got back to me and informed me that they ended up with a few other complaints with the same issue- a weird cumin spice chili powder BO scent to the deo’s (so I wasn’t crazy after all! Hollar)! Anyways, long story short Primal Paste had switched arrowroot suppliers and they thought the gross BO smell was coming from the arrowroot powder. I tried Primal Pit Paste several times after that (always buying SAMPLES) and it wasn’t until about 8 months ago that I no longer smelled that BO smell. Now I buy Primal Pit Paste on occasion and haven’t had that issue since!

…Ok, I am telling that little side story because when I e-mailed Poofy Organics I let them know about my past experience with this smell, and how their deodorant also had that same BO smell as Primal Pit Paste once had. Poofy Organic’s didn’t really seem to care. They probably thought I was crazy and a complainer. They casually let me know that they use an organic arrowroot supplier… ok, congrats… but it smells like BO! I back up any company that is organic and cruelty free, and I love the ingredients Poofy Organics uses, however I don’t think “It’s organic” justifies a product smelling like BO. I’ve used plenty of other organic deodorants that DON’T smell like BO! Those of you who read my blog reviews know how much deodorant I buy, I’ve literally tried over 100 natural deodorants, no lie. I obviously wind up with a bunch that don’t work, or ones where I don’t fancy the scent. However this BO arrowroot powder is an entirely different situation. I can’t even use the Poofy Organic Deodorants. It’s literally like swiping BO all over my armpit. It’s foul. The two I ordered are absolutely un-wearable.

Poofy Organics offered me an exchange, which is nice but I wanted to send them back for a refund. I felt like the situation deserved a refund as the deodorants seemed defective but they refused. Exchange only. I can respect that, but I am still slightly annoyed because it wasn’t a matter of me saying “I hate the scent!” it was a matter of them selling deodorants that smell of BO. In their defense, much like Primal Pit Paste, they probably thought I was a big complainer fishing for a refund or something shady. Eh, maybe I’m just used to Bumble and Bee costumer Service, as their costumer service is beyond amazing. On the Poofy Organics site it looks as though they have a great line up of products, however I specifically was looking to review the deodorants and there aren’t any other product I need/want to exchange for at this time- especially having to pay return shipping and all that jazz. So I have officially chucked the deodorants in the garbage. I can’t even layer with them! I actually tried to off them on my mom and she said, and I quote- “These smells funny, sort of like a crayon” ….so apparently Poofy Organics it’s not ONLY me!

Granted I have a very sensitive nose. I’m not trying to scare anyone, and I am sure there are some Poofy Organic Deodorant users that may not smell the cumin spice/BO smell, so I’m not trying to sway anyone from trying the deodorant but I strongly suggest if you have a sensitive nose pass these deodorants up. And if you have smelled this strange smell in your Poofy Organics Deodorants I urge you to contact them and let them know, because maybe they’ll do something about it if they realize it’s actually a problem. Of course I could have just gotten an off batch with a off round of arrowroot powder, perhaps their deodorant doesn’t always smell like this??

On the bright side, I did apply the Almond Clove twice (smelled like BO each time) but I liked the consistency of the deodorant. They make a note on their site saying it can be slightly sticky or tacky but honestly I didn’t notice any tackiness. I used a few swipes on each pit, and it had a nice smooth texture that went on with ease and didn’t leave me feeling greasy. Obviously I can’t review its performance or scent, but texture wise I would give it a 8 out of 10. If they got the BO smell straightened out I would in fact order the deodorant again to give it a fair try.

I hate writing bad reviews about deodorants and companies, but I felt compelled to inform people of my experience. Obviously everyone’s experience and results will vary, so this is simply my own personal experience, but I wish I had found this review before I decided to make my purchase!


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