DeodoRite by Native Remedies Review

I was lying in bed next to someone I occasionally hit the sheets with, and after several hours of extraneous activities I decided I was due for a deodorant touch-up (thanks to my apple cider vinegar trick I was BO free at the time, but totally paranoid that if a few more hours of heavy sweating took place I’d reach the danger zone. As a preventive measure a deodorant touch-up was a must)! While it was a daringly unsexy move to make while he was lying right beside me I figured it would be even more unsexy to start smelling like a toxic armpit, right?

I mumbled a casual “Sorry, gotta freshen up” as I reached over to my nightstand and busted out my Pit Putty. Sexily I slathered it on while doing a slow mo hair whip. Oooooh yeah. Applying deodorant never looked sexier, or so I hoped.

Then he uttered the words no smelly girl wants to EVER hear “Oh, I don’t wear deodorant”

This could not be true… seriously? What?! I’ve known this guy for three years and I just discovered he forgoes a main necessity in my life! My world revolves around layering 30 different deodorants so it was hard for me to fathom a person not wearing deodorant! “You’re kidding me, you don’t wear deodorant at all??”


“Not even in the summer?!?! I would smell awful if I didn’t wear deodorant!” …Little does he know I smell awful even when I do wear deodorant, but I plan to keep that on the DL.

“No, I like the smell of myself, it’s manly but I don’t stink. I shower daily and drink lots of water so I’m fine”

Sure, he did have a bit of a man essence going on, but he didn’t smell like BO which naturally made me jealous. For a split second I wanted to punch him in the face instead of make out with him. To really make matters worse I discovered he was one of those people. The kind of person that spews the ideals of ‘as long as you shower, eat right, drink plenty of water you should smell fresh as a daisy’! Those elitists assholes. People who don’t have BO issues don’t get it, it’s not that simple!

Perched on my couch later that night with a bottle of wine I started thinking about my body, no, not his body on my body. Sheesh. I was thinking about what kind of havoc must be going on internally within my body. If you read this blog you know that I am a train wreck- chronic yeast infections, acne, BO… you’re probably surprised I even had someone in bed. I’ve often figured there must be a connection, some sort of army yeast overgrowth overtaking my entire body causing me to be a human cesspool of toxic waste that affects my vagina, skin and underarms… I’ve researched it! Last summer I went raw. Gave up most sugar (I fully admit I still drank caramel macchiatos, if someone can find me a sugar free and raw variation for a caramel macchiatos I will PAY you). Moral of the story is the entire summer I worked hard at cutting out sugars, crap processed food and nothing changed. Still battled acne. Still battled yeast infections. Still battled unpleasant underarms. With no validation in my theory to maintain the raw lifestyle I eventually gave up the kale smoothies. All I had to show for being 3 months raw was a stomach that was slightly flatter and a dresser I painted in attempts to take my mind off eating candy. I chalk painted the hell out of that dresser too. All my rage and sugar cravings went into that little gem.

One glass of wine in I suddenly remembered a product called DeodoRite by the company Native Remedies, I stumbled across it while doing some shopping on It claimed to help eliminate excess perspiration and body odor by aiding the liver work better and eliminating toxins. I’ve done everything for my BO externally so I decided to go back to the theory that something is going on inside of my body.

Here’s what DeodoRite claims to do, you can read all the info about it here:

DeodoRite temporarily:
Relieves all unpleasant body odors
Reduces excessive perspiration
Cleanses the body of toxins
Improves liver functioning
Promotes efficient elimination of waste products

Now I am not one to advocate tossing back random pills. Sure I take my vitamins, and during the summer I take Chlorophyll to help my BO (which does mildly help)! But other than that I am not a pill popper and always research any vitamin I take. It’s safe to say I was leery in regard to taking DeodoRite. Most of their ingredients I had never heard of! For instance what is Galium???? Apparently it’s a plant.

Here’s the ingredients of Deodorite: DeodoRite is a 100% homeopathic formula and contains the following ingredients: Calc sulph 6X HPUS, Carduus mar 3X HPUS, Galium 3X HPUS, Mag phos 8X HPUS, Merc solub 30C HPUS, Silicea 8X HPUS.

I spent some time researching Native Remedies and the ingredients in DeodoRite. While the ingredients are mostly plant based you still have to be careful because natural/plant based/homeopathic doesn’t always equal safe, especially if you are taking other prescription drugs or vitamins. Often times certain supplements/vitamins/prescription meds cannot mix, so it’s always a safe bet to check with your health care provider. With my initial research DeodoRite seemed safe to my untrained eye (apparently I don’t take my own advice of checking with my health care provider). If you look up some of the ingredients they are just fancy names for Milk Thistle and such, but I still decided to take a pass on trying DeodoRite, not because my research turned up anything bad but rather because I was skeptical. Seemed too good to be true and I couldn’t find a lot of reviews about the product beyond the reviews on the Native Remedies… can you say shady?? Thus why I am taking the time to write this novel of a review.

Several weeks later I came back to the Native Remedies site after an epic deodorant fail mid-day. I smelled horrible, was annoyed, and angry. Combine all those emotions it made for an excellent combo to force me into making a desperate purchase! It was totally one of those badass ‘F-it moments’. The DeodoRite was on sale at Abesmarket for $29.00, and I had a 20% off coupon and it was free shipping. Bam. Ordered placed! I ended up paying about 23 Bucks for 180 pills. I highly recommend ordering from Abes Market, they offer better sales than the Native Remedies site.

When my order arrived I didn’t take the DeodoRite because my F-it badass moment was over and the skeptic in me came back. So there those little pills full of promise and hope sat… until a glass of wine fueled my courage. I got off my couch and decided to bust those suckers open. Fuck that booty call who doesn’t need deodorant! I’ll show him! Show him what, I wasn’t sure, but I was determined to prove something.

I started off by taking 1 pill in the morning and 1 pill at night. The bottle says for adults to take 2-3 pills 2-3 times a day. I opted to start with a low dose at first.

Well, 1 pill in the morning and 1 at night did nothing. I almost returned them. Instead I upped it to 2 pills in the morning and 2 at night, and after several days of that dosing I was amazed. I had no ill side effects and I was almost BO free!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I could magically go without deodorant or anything crazy, but it was such a relief to only layer two different deodorants in the morning and still be fairly fresh by sundown. At the end of the day I’d have a bit of funk, yet it wasn’t anything out of control. For the first time I felt like a normal person. It worked consistently. Everyday I smelled great. Suddenly I could go about my day without worrying if I needed to touch up my deodorant.

This sounds like a fairy tale… I know, you’re on the edge of your seat thinking I hit the jackpot! Ehhh… well, settle down because after several weeks of use I noticed I was starting to pit out again. I figured my body was becoming accustomed to the DeodoRite. It’s a curse of mine. When I find a deodorant or supplement that helps it usually stops working on me after several weeks. This is why I never get too excited when I think I’ve found something that ‘works’.

So I upped my DeodoRite’s to 2 in the morning, 2 in the evening, and 2 at night. This did the trick, it started working again and I was back to being 80% BO free. …Until that stopped working several weeks later.

Out of annoyance I stopped taking the DeodoRite for a few days then started back up and this helped. Now I make sure to take breaks from DeodoRite every few weeks. Sometimes my breaks are only a few days and other times I give it up for a week or so. Then I’ll start back on the DeodorRite, 2 twice a day, and work back up to the 2 three times a day when needed.

Basically the effects kind of wean off as your body becomes accustom to DeodoRite.

No matter what, even when it ‘stops working’ it still helps a little, as in I don’t smell AS bad as I normally do. But when it’s working, man, it WORKS and it will work consistently, until, well it stops working.

Another thing I noticed is that once you find a dose that works for you if you skip a dose you’ll start to stink immediately. The pills are super tiny, so I keep a few in my purse just in case I forget a dose or I’m out and about when I need to take my next dose. The effects aren’t prolonged. Once you stop taking these pills you’ll start to smell back your old self right away. Notice the site makes a point to say it ‘TEMPORARILY’ helps. This is not a cure. No long-term effects.

I already bought a backup bottle, even if I decide not to continue to use them regularly I will keep them around to take if I have an event or some sexy date to go on. Also it takes about 2 days before you see results.

I can’t vouch for their long-term safety or anything as I am no doctor- nor am I sleeping with a doctor otherwise I’d ask him. However I’ve had no issue with any strange side effects and I’ve been taking them for almost two months now. While I’m leery to recommend a supplement like this, I would say if you do your research and you’ve found nothing externally is working to help eliminate your odor these are worth a try. I’ve had decent success with them, and when they work I feel so ridiculously free! Being BO free is amazing, makes me feel like I want to run around wearing sleeveless tops and stick my armpit in people’s face. Ok, so I wouldn’t go that far but if you suffer from any body odor you know how exciting it is to not have to worry about whether you stink or not.

If you try them let me know!



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Moe’s Apothecary Zinc Cream Deodorant Review

Currently I’ve been wearing a combo of Healing Scents Deodorant Cream and topping it off with Bubble and Bee Orange Vanilla Pit Putty. However it seems my pits have been getting immune to this combo, because it hasn’t been working as well as it used to, but still works better than anything else I have used as of late…. UNTIL…..

Moe’s Apothecary Zinc Cream Deodorant. My new favorite Deodorant!

I was looking for a deodorant that had zinc in it, but in a Orange Vanilla scent (I tried the unscented Bubble and Bee Pit Putty with zinc, and like anything else unscented I totally pitted out, ugh! P.S. Review of Bubble and Bee’s Pit Primer is soon to come)! My obsessive nature lead me back onto Etsy where I discovered the Moe’s Apothecary Shop. On my screen I saw a picture of a jarred deodorant, and the heading read: ‘Zinc Cream Deodorant. 100% Natural, It really works’. I wasn’t sure, because it’s rare something works on my rebel pits, but when I found out the owner would make me a Orange Coconut scent I quickly made the purchase before I could talk myself out of spending more money on yet another deodorant.


Ingredients to Moe’s Apothecary Zinc Cream Deodorant: Zinc Oxide, Kaolin Clay, Arrowroot Powder, Essential oils, Organic Fragrances, Small amount of Baking Soda, Organic Coconut oil, Organic Shea Butter

The day the Moe’s Apothecary Zinc Cream Deodorant arrived, I had already applied Healing Scents Cream Deodorant by the time I got the mail. So I went ahead and added my usual layer of Pit Putty (ok, it’s two layers), I then I added a layer of Moe’s Apothecary Zinc Cream Deodorant and went about my day. I’m not ballsy enough to try a new deodorant out on its own at first.

…..At the end of the day I smelled fresh. I was a little shocked because I hadn’t even done my usual Pit Putty touch up mid day. I’m hard to impress, so at first I figured maybe my pits had randomly decided to behave that day and it had nothing to do with my new deodorant addition?

Next day I decided to use Healing Scents Cream Deo and the Moe’s Apothecary Zinc Cream Deo. No Pit Putty (which is a huge deal)! Again I smelled fresh at the end of the day, and even until the next morning!

Then I got ballsy and started using ONLY the Moe’s Zinc Cream Deodorant…. and low and behold I manage to stay pretty fresh all day. Say what? If I were a 15 year old I would have said: “ This is cray-cray!’, but since I’m 31 I actually said ‘What the f***, this is crazy!’. It’s pretty much impossible for me to wear ONE deodorant and stay fresh all day AND through the next day. I still prefer to layer it with my Pit Putty, simply because I like powder-y finish Pit Putty Leaves behind because it makes me feel extra dry, plus the Pit Putty is a little more heavy on the scent, which I happen to like, if I’m not smelling orange-y throughout the day I get scared. However, Moe’s Apothecary Zinc Cream Deodorant totally stands on it’s own and can be worn alone.

One BIG test I always put my deodorants through is finding out if it can eliminate odor on contact. I live in fear that I will get stuck out in a heat wave while I’m on a date. I’ll be standing there in a cute sun dress pitting out because my deodorant will suddenly revolt against me and my sex life… (we’ve all been there when out of nowhere your deodorant gives out on you… you may not be on a hot date when it happens, but it could happen)! Being assured that I have a few deodorants that are great for odor prevention, and also a few that are great for odor elimination on contact is key to me. For the test I put on a random deodorant I had lying around, and within a few hours I didn’t smell so sweet. Perfect! It was prime time to test and see if the Moe’s Apothecary Zinc Cream Deodorant would banish pre-existing odor…. *drum roll please* …. It did pretty darn well! It instantly ridded me of most of my odor and left me with a light and subtle scent of Orange/coconut. It wasn’t a complete clean slate, but it did better at freshening me up than most deodorants. Most of the time if you try to layer a deodorant over your pitted out pits, it makes things smell worse. This made things smell better!

Another important thing to me when reviewing deodorants is texture. The nice thing about Moe’s Zinc Deodorant is that while it’s a cream it goes on dry but smooth. It’s not too wet, or sticky, and it rubs in nicely. If you over apply, like I do, be sure to give it an extra rub down because it can leave your pits a bit white due to the zinc. It’s nothing major though, and a good reason not to be a deodorant whore and over apply like I do.

All in all this deodorant is my new obsession. I really recommend this to anyone who has annoying pits like me. I’m already planning to order a 4oz size for $12 dollars. The 2oz size is 6 dollars. Even with shipping included I think the price is very reasonable.

For those of you who are wondering about scent options here’s a list of the scents offered-. Rosemary/Lavender, Coconut/Lime, Peppermint/Eucalyptus, Orange/Bergamot, Cederwood/Bay and unscented.

I personally would LOVE to see a Lemon and Clove option as that’s another awesome combo that helps with odor (plus I could mix it with the Lemon Clove Pit Putty!) But like I always mention…. when ordering I always think it’s important to realize sometimes certain essential oils/fragrances don’t mix well with your chemistry, so sometimes it’s not the formula failing you. You’ll have far better success if you already have an idea of what essential oils work for your body. If you don’t know what essential oils work best for your body chemistry I’d recommend ordering samples of different scent combo’s! It took me forever to discover ANYTHING lavender, peppermint, or lemongrass seemed to make me smell 10x worse.

Also, I want to mention that shipping did take a while, however the shop owner states that it is just her making the products and it can take up to 5-10 before your product is ready to ship. It’s worth the wait though!

I wanted to put this review up in time for summer… cheers to hopefully being BO free all summer! If you try it I would love to hear what you think!

Here’s a link to Moe’s Apothecary Shop on Etsy:


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Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration

I’m a BzzAgent and when I was selected for the Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Campaign I was excited, not just because I’m a skin care/product junkie… but because I am a big fan of natural products especially when they are for dry, sensitive, acne prone skin. I have fantasies about discovering miracle skin care products that leave my skin flawless (On a flawless note…. I recently ordered an airbrush make-up machine/kit that I am DYING to try out. Waiting for it’s arrival is killing me), see I’m dedicated to finding flawless!

Well Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Skin Care came at the PERFECT time, I had just ran out of my Chae Organics face wash. Plus I’ve been using Paula’s Choice BHA 9 along with my favorite acne product- Chae Organics Eracer, and while this combo has kept my skin looking pretty clear I noticed the BHA 9 can make my already dry skin a bit more dry. I was on the hunt for an intense moisturizer that would tend to my desert of a face. Then enter Burt’s Bees!


When I opened my Burt’s Bees package I found a Intense Hydration Face Wash, Treatment Mask, and a Night Cream.

One thing that bothered me right off the bat was the heavy scent of the products. They don’t smell bad, they smell of orange/citrus/cucumber? While the scent is light, it feels heavily scented if that makes sense? Upon investigating the ingredients I noted fragrance was listed, but there was also orange and citrus oils in the ingredients that I’m sure naturally contributed to the scent. I’ve been using mostly all natural skin care products for a few years now and I will admit a lot of them don’t smell great (dirty socks and tea tree oil) or if I’m lucky they won’t have much of a scent at all, but I’m ok with that because I have sensitive acne prone skin. I would have liked it if Burt’s Bees wouldn’t have added fragrance to this line.

Intense Hydration Face Wash- This was the first product I tried and with it’s divinely creamy texture it spread over my face like butta (without feeling greasy like butter!). It doesn’t leave a film on my face as long as I don’t overuse. If I use too much I have to be very  diligent in order to rinse away all of the creaminess. My skin feels amazingly smooth immediately after I use it, literally the first time I washed my face with it I couldn’t stop feeling my skin (too bad it wasn’t some hot guy brushing his manly warm hand on my cheek sayin ‘Oh girl you got smooth skin I can’t stop caressing it’).  Also this is a great face wash to use with the Clarisonic.

Intense Hydration Treatment Mask- I use a similar product by Paula’s Choice called ‘Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask’ so I was familiar with the concept of the Treatment Mask. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Treatment Masks it can be kind of confusing because it’s not like your typical ‘mask’ which dries and hardens or peels. Burt’s Bees Treatment Mask is a thick cream texture, you rub it onto your skin and you can either leave it on overnight or rinse it off 10 minutes or so. Note that this doesn’t really fully sink into skin with ease, so it’s not a good ‘lotion’ as it’s meant to be a treatment! I started out by testing this on a dry patch which has been plaguing my chin for 6 months. It won’t go away (I think it’s maybe eczema or something?). It’s peely, dry and some days worse than others, but this dry patch is determined to linger on my chin no matter what! It’s my arch nemesis at this point. I noticed after a few days of putting the Burt’s Bees Treatment Mask on my dry patch for 20+ minutes the dryness noticeably became smoother because I was able to take tweezers and easily peel off some of the dry flakey skin due to the Treatment Mask softening the dead flakey skin (that sounds really gross, but hey… it was a plus for me!).  I also use this under my eyes at night and it’s really adding a zest of moister to my under eye area. This is my favorite product out of the three I’ve tested. It’s a great multi-tasker for winter skin.

Intense Hydration Night Cream- Night creams freak me out a bit. My skin needs a lot of moister but I hate a sticky/greasy face. I have satin sheets and nothing is worse than tacky skin sticking to my pillow case! I find a lot of night creams are so rich, never fully sink in, and break me out. The Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream sinks into my skin very well. I like applying this cream right after I wash my face when my skin is still a little damp, this ensures that the cream soaks in while allowing me to use less product. My skin feels like velvet after I apply but the problem is 20 minutes later it has absorbed and I feel like it doesn’t leave enough deep lasting hydration, even after a month of using it nightly it didn’t leave me any more hydrated than when I was using my day cream for my night cream. I’m not saying this product is a terrible Night Cream, and the ironic thing is I usually find night creams too rich for me and this wasn’t rich enough. t’s sort of like Goldielocks and the Three Bears… you gotta find that porridge that’s juuuuuuuuust right!

One important thing to mention is that I’ve been using all three of these products on a regular daily basis for over a month and I haven’t had any breakouts or skin reactions!

Now I can’t say I’ve seen dramatic results… don’t get me wrong, I feel like this is a good skin care line for dry skin, and I think some of the products have even helped a few of my dry patches (mainly the Intense Hydration Treatment Mask) but I can’t say any of these products are my new holy grail products. The immediate results feel amazing- like right after I wash my face, or right after I apply the cream but long-term wise I haven’t noticed a huge change in my skin, and the Intense Hydration Line claims to help skins ability to retain moister, but at the end of the day my skin is still dry even after using these products religiously for over a month. Bottom line is that for me these products show me immediate results, but not long-term results.  Now these products also claim to help soften wrinkles/lines but since I just turned 30 and thankfully don’t have any wrinkles yet (knock on wood) I can’t speak to if the product lives up to that claim.

…That being said, the big question is would I buy any of these products on my own dime? Yes. I’m mostly thrilled they haven’t broken me out, and that they are easy accessible. I buy most, well pretty much ALL of my skin care online and it’s nice to be able to pop into a local store and be able to pick up my skin care! I think the face wash and Treatment Mask will remain in my rotation of skin care products and I’ve even recommended them to friends and family… but I will still be on the hunt for something that can smooth out my dry patches long term- not just a quick few hour fix/dose of moister.

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