Natural Deodorant Reviews- Pit Putty, Healing-Scents, In Love with Body Care, and Relax Deodorant

It’s a joke among friends and family that I should be paid to be a deodorant tester… I am literally obsessed with trying natural Deodorants (you can read one of my first run ins with natural deodorant here: ), and for the last few years I’ve probably tried 60+ different natural deodorants.

If you’re questioning my dedication here’s a picture of just ONE of my deodorant stashes. I have many more drawers, boxers, make-up bag stashes littering my entire bedroom and bathroom.

Obviously it’s been a journey exploring natural deodorants, and I think the biggest tip I could offer anyone is this is a process of trail and error. I run into more deodorants that don’t work than do work. But the more you try you start to learn what your body likes, and now that I know what works best for my body chemistry I am finding more and more deodorants that work for me.

For me I’ve learned:

  1. My body chemistry mixes horribly with Unscented, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Mint, and Tea Tree. I do best with lemon, citrus and spicy essential oils/scents.
  2. Baking Soda is a must for me in any formula.
  3. Spray deodorants are not effective for me.
  4. No matter what I have to re-apply/touch up during the day to keep odor at bay (hey I’m honest, I battle BO!).
  5. I do best when I layer different deodorants. I know it sounds ridiculous, but come on I gotta do something with all my dozens and dozens of deodorants! My layering routine changes/rotates, some days I’ll layer 3 different deodorants, and some days I’ll layer 6 different deodorants (I have a sex and a out dancing layer routine that is dynamite…. It’s a no fail godsend!). But I have a few deodorants that are my secret weapon, which I’ll share with you!

If you happen to read this and have a question about a certain deodorant you are looking into feel free to hit me up, chances are I’ve tried it!

Bubble and Bee-

No matter what deodorants I am layering I always finish off and touch up throughout the day with Bubble and Bee Lemon and Clove with Baking Soda Pit Putty. I love the scent- mild lemon spice, but it strangely mixes well with my sweet perfume, but better than the scent is it’s outstanding performance.

I can confidently say that out of the 60+ natural deodorants I have tried over the years this little gem is the ONLY one that keeps me dry. I don’t have much of a wetness issue, but in summer everyone gets a little sweaty. If you happen to get a little puddley once you apply this it quickly absorbs any moister (and funk) to make you feel fresh right away. A lot of natural deodorants are full of coco and shae butters leaving you with that overly moisturizing/greasy feeling (which I can’t stand). There is nothing worse then applying a deodorant especially on a hot day that feels too moisturizing/slippery, it just adds to that gross sweaty feeling. Pit putty has an odd consistency compared to most natural deodorants. When it’s at room temp it’s kind of hard/powdery clumpy when you apply, and even when Pit Putty gets a little melty in hot weather it’s more of a thicker firm melty?… but once you can rub it in it automatically spreads and dries with no greasy feeling while absorbing wetness.

Yes, if do some research you’ll find some people complain about the white crumbly mess this can leave behind. It works best if you apply it and then rub it in with your fingers. I don’t see this as a deal breaker; I mean I’d rather rub my fingers over my armpit than have BO! However, I will say that this deodorant can be messy! I apply my deodorant in my bedroom, and stuff crumbles all over my hardwood floors. Stephanie (the owner of Bubble and Bee) mentions some tips on making this less messy such as don’t over apply and keep it in the refrigerator (prevents the coconut oil from getting too warm so it keeps the pit putty more solid/harder and less crumbling). Well, these tips are GREAT, but if you’re like me… a self proclaimed over applier of product then these tips aren’t very realistic! That being said I’ve briefly considered a mini fridge in my room to store this deodorant because it is so much less messy when it’s kept at a colder temperature… but that would be over the top, and I thin people would really question my sanity!

Beyond making a mess on my bedroom floor (which I clean up daily with a dust buster) I think the major con of Pit Putty is if you are like me and carry your deodorant around with you for touchups throughout the day… this isn’t the best choice due to messy factor (however that’s never stopped me!). Last summer I was on a date at a guys house (he was cooking for me, awwww), and I raced to the bathroom for a sneaky deodorant touch up (I felt a make-out session coming on), well Pit Putty ended up all over his bathroom floor and in a mad rush I was trying to pick up the little crumbles which prolonged my bathroom visit making me take a suspiciously long time. When I came out of the bathroom I wanted to announce “No I wasn’t taking a crap, I was reapplying deodorant that got all over your floor and I was trying to clean up…” but that sounded like a ridiculous excuse!  The best tip is if you’re using Pit Putty in warmer months is to barely turn the deodorant up, keep it almost level with the sides of the deodorant container and this helps prevent it from crumbling.

Stephanie also offers cream deodorants which eliminate the mess but work just as well as the Pit Putty Sticks for most, I tried the Lemon and Clove Cream version and while I like it, I prefer the stick- keeps me fresher longer. I just deal with the mess, and you also have to keep in mind my mom uses this deodorant- one swipe on each pit and while she has mentioned the fact it is a bit crumbly she doesn’t have much of a mess issue with it like I do.

The awesome thing about Bubble and Bee is that they understand not every deodorant formula/scent is going to work with your body chemistry, so they will keep sending you a new deodorant until you find one that works to keep your BO at bay. I’ve honestly tried every single scent/formula of Bubble and Bee (they offer Pit Putty’s, Creams, Sprays, and bee’s wax sticks!), and most of them didn’t work for me. Stephanie probably got sick of my whiney e-mails, but she always responded and was so helpful. I would have given up on Bubble and Bee right off the bat because the first Pit Putty I tried did not work for me, it’s all about trial and error and Stephanie realizes this and she makes that awful trial and error process as smooth (and stink free) as possible.  So what do you have to lose?

Healing Scents-

I discovered a year ago or so by accident. I think their website is a bit confusing but it’s chuck full of information and a great selection of natural products.

They offer the same deodorant in four different formulas- Cream, roll on, spray, and powder. They’re all the same scent, which is basic a herbal/earthy/natural scent.  Side note: The stick and the cream are the SAME… it’s a thick cream, but you can either get it in the stick or the pot. However the cream is cheaper, so I buy the cream but again a lot of people have issues with applying deodorant with their fingertips and prefer the stick. I’m too cheap for that!

The deodorant states that you should give it up to three days to really work for you, and I found this to be true. By day three it really kicks in, so give it a fair chance.

Consistency/texture wise I am not a HUGE fan, like I mentioned it is very thick and a bit difficult to spread, but the plus side is it doesn’t have a greasy feeling too it. If you apply too much you’ll wind up with a gross thick coated feeling pits, so I’ve learned a little goes a long way with this stuff (which is obviously very hard for me and my heavy handed applications!). I tend to use this for a week or so in my routine and then skip a week, simply because my body seems to get used to a deodorant and then stops working, and I really don’t want my body to get immune to this deodorant because it’s really tough on odor and works awesome!

In Love With Body Care-

I ended up buying 3 different scents and formulas of In Love Deodorants after hearing rave reviews (My credit card hates me!). I ordered the original, the Est Soothe in freshmint, and the Est in Greece (citrus).

Out of all of them I liked the Est Greece scent and it’s performance, it’s tough on odor! The trouble with this is I cannot use it regularly because it irritates my underarms, which is odd considering I don’t have sensitive pits in the least. While this doesn’t leave a ‘rash’ it simply makes my underarms feel raw if I use it for more than two days in a row. This really bums me out because it works exceptionally well. So I save this for my sex or out dancing deodorant layering routine!

I also had ordered the Est Freshmint Soothe, and it stated the new soothe formula was for sensitive skin, however this also made my pits feel sore, just maybe not as bad. I didn’t think it worked as well, but that also could have been the scent as mint scents don’t seem to blend with my chemistry very well.

The original didn’t bother my pits (I also liked the consistency of the original much better, it’s more silky and invisible where the other two formulas are a pit thick/sticky and needs a few to dry and sink into the skin), but this original unscented also didn’t help tame any BO, but generally anything unscented does not work for me. They offer the original (silk) in the Greece and freshmint scent, so I think I may try the Silk formula in the Greece scent and see what happens.

I would recommend giving this a try though, but I would probably start out trying the Soothe formula and going from there.

Relax Deodorant-

I came across this on and the ONLY reason I bought it was because I was able to mix my own scent and I wanted/ordered a blend of Lemon, Clove, Ginger and Bay Rum. Formula wise it didn’t seem to be anything special at first glance- your normal mix of baking soda, beeswax and so on. I’ve tried dozens of cream deodorants that sounded exactly like this.

When it arrived I could BARELY smell the scent, which honestly made me mad. I felt like I got gypped on the essential oil front, so I chucked it in my stash as disappointment took over.

Recently I went to a funeral so a combination of stress, and a polyester black jacket left me totally pitted out by the end of the day. Generally when I pit out there is no ‘covering’ it up or neutralizing it, I just have to start from scratch and wash my underarms (even with my number 1 favorite deodorant- Pit Putty, if I pit out Pit Putty can’t completely freshen me up, it does a better job at preventing ordor). However I was feeling lazy, and I grabbed this Relax Deodorant and rubbed it on as an experiment. To my absolute shock it completely ridded me of my BO and left me with the lightest of light scents, and then I applied a layer of Pit Putty and I was completely fresh and odor free the rest of the evening. No odor crept  through!

The next day I used only Relax Deodorant on freshly cleaned pits (I do like to initially test deodorants by themselves without my layering routine) and it kept me pretty fresh for half of the day without reapplying (which is actually a big feat), and the second I started to get a little funky I reapplied Relax Deodorant and it took away all traces of  odor.

So I am pretty obsessed with this. It’s the only deodorant I have ever run across that will eliminate odor if I’ve pitted out and the damage is done. For anyone who has BO issues you know how valuable this is, and even if you don’t major pitting out issues we all have days where our deodorants majorly fail! This little guy is AWESOME to keep in a purse, locker, or wherever in case you’re in need of a total touch up/refresher!

Now I am not sure if the effectiveness of this is contributed to my Lemon, Clove, Ginger, Bay Rum concoction… a lot of the blends/scents they offer are fragrance oils and I blended mine mostly with essential oils which are better for battling odor, plus I know what essential oils work best with my body chemistry so this could be another factor in why it works so well for me. But I strongly suggest giving Relax Deodorant a try and blending you own scents of Essential Oils if you are familiar with EO’s- or give one of the MANY blend/scents a try! Plus at the affordable price you can’t go wrong.

….In conclusion I hope this helped some of you out. Keep in mind I am VERY hard to please when it comes to deodorants, almost nothing is ‘strong’ enough for me so I thought it was time to praise the ones that work well for me in hopes it can help someone else out!


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Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo Review

So the other day I stumbled upon a small try me size of Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo and here’s what the bottle had to say-

Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo is a mineral and clay based dry shampoo, it creates volume as it absorbs impurities, excess oil and product build-up. No water necessary. It helps maintain color with less frequent washings, Talc-free formula is invisible and provides UV protection.

Tips: Leave in hair for two minutes, then brush out excess product. Provides a matte finish – if a shinier texture is desired, follow up with Big Sexy Hair Big Shine Spray. Great as a pick-me up between washings.

I liked the idea of using a mineral and clay base because I was hoping that would combat the powdery effect so many other dry shampoos leave behind.  I’ve used KMS, Kenra, Snappi’s, and a few other brands and I feel like they all leave a powdery finish or start to flake making me look like I have the hair of a powdery snow queen at the day’s end.

First, and most important to a girl… I like the smell of this dry shampoo! It’s not overpowering like some other brands I’ve tried, but it still rids hair of any oily hair scent.

Next, drum roll please…. NO WHITE RESIDUE on my red hair! That being said I feel like this has a very light/fine hairspray-ish texture to it. It makes my hair…. Stiff? No, not even stiff but more of a coated matte texture. I find myself being compelled to add some shine spry to my hair after I’ve used this dry shampoo, which seems odd to use a product to rid me of oily hair, but then have to add an oily shine spray?

I think the coated texture is what adds the volume and yes, this product does add a bit of volume to my hair but I can’t decide if I like it because it comes with a coated dirty feeling (not dirty looking) umph of volume, not a shiny umph of volume. It’s a matte finish just like the description states, but I liked that it didn’t necessarily dull down my red hair, but rather made my hair LOOK clean but FEEL dry, dirty and coated.

My tips for using this- Make sure you are spraying from FAR away! With this product since it makes your hair feel so coated use a light hand when applying. Less is more!

I also got a small can of Big Sexy Hair Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray which I like a lot! I spray this on after the dry shampoo and it adds a bit of shine and bounce back in my hair without the ‘oily’ shine effect, plus it helps keep my hair from frizzing out!

Despite my mixed feelings on the Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo I will probably purchase a big bottle because it dries clear on my red hair, but that’s the only pro I can find with this product- but that’s a BIG pro for me. If it didn’t dry clear I would NOT recommend this product because of how it makes your hair feel.



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Chae Organics AcneTX Treatment System Review

From high school on I’ve suffered from a mild case of acne but it’s always been hit or miss- as in sometimes my skin is entirely an unmanageable hot mess, sometimes it’s manageable and on occasion I have completely clear skin (I go on a lot of dates when that happens!). I’m sure being a product junkie played a role in the random acting up of my skin, but when I hit about 25 I found a handful of products that didn’t bother my skin and I stuck to them and stopped trying new face products weekly- I know… how boring! Since then my skin remained pretty predictable, but I started battling dry skin where as in my younger years my skin had always been combination.

About two years ago it was like a time bomb went off and my skin went CRAZY. I was breaking out with dry patches and horrible underground zits…. even on my cheeks (in previous years it had always been my chin that would break out, never my cheeks!). I suddenly felt like I was in high school, and I was absolutely embarrassed! I knew better than to try proactive or other teen based acne skin care lines because they would make my already dry skin turn into a desert! I had just switched over to all natural deodorant at this point, and I thought that maybe all natural skin care would be the answer- no harsh chemicals for my dry, acne prone, large pore, sensitive, red skin!

Years ago (this was in the 80’s!) my parents were dedicated users of Linda Chae’s make-up, and to this day they still brag about how amazing her make-up was. My mom suggested I look her up because she had heard that Linda branched out into natural skin care. I did a search and discovered her site:, and I found a toxic free, natural Acne kit… for the price of 75 bucks ON SALE. Initially I said no way was I going to pay that kind of money. A few months later after my skin was getting worse and worse I caved and logged onto her site and put an order in for the AcneTX Treatment System- and once I put thought into it I was getting a lot of products in generous sizes.

Within a week or using the cleanser, toner, repair lotion, and EraceR my skin cleared up by a good 50%… no joke. Even my parents noticed! There was no burning, no added dryness and there was no ‘it gets worse before it gets better’ side effects for me, which was my favorite part. Anyone with acne wants to see RESULTS as soon as possible.

After several months of following the steps in the AcneTX Treatment System my skin cleared up a good 80% and I noticed a refinement in my pore size. Suddenly I was able to keep my skin in check, and I wasn’t waking up every morning racing to the mirror to see what new zits I’d have to battle for the day. I’m not going to lie and say this acne kit made my skin FLAWLESS and completely zit free (but my skin hasn’t been FLAWLESS since I was like 10). But 80% clearer skin that was consistent and HEALTHY was something I didn’t even think was possible for my skin.

Ultimately after a few years of using this kit I discovered the AcneTX cleanser and the Thera-P Relief Gel works amazingly well for my skin. I don’t buy the full kit anymore because I’ve been getting away with using those two products, and I keep an EraceR around just for troublesome outbreaks. However, recently my skin is majorly acting up again and I am thinking about reordering the kit and start from square one and use EVERYTHING in the kit to get a grip on my cranky skin. But currently I am sampling another all natural skin care brand just to see if I can save money, and get results. So we’ll see (I’ll write a review about the other natural skin care I’ve been using after I give it a fair chance!).


Here’s what the kit includes, and my mini review of each of the products included in the AcnteTX Treatment System:


AcneTX™ Cleanser – 4 oz – Deep pore cleanser: Love this cleanser, it has baking soda in it so there is a mild grainy (I can’t even call it grainy… just a little bit of a barely there non harsh smooth scrub texture). What makes me love this cleanser is it didn’t tear up, burn or dry out my sensitive skin. Washes my off my makeup without a problem and my skin feels clean after I use this.


OXYTX™ Toner – 4 oz – With O2XY™ antimicrobial benefits: I feel like I always underestimate toners, for some reason they don’t seem exciting to me and I always feel toners never live up to all the hype/promises. I used to think I couldn’t tell the difference when I used this or didn’t- but currently I haven’t been using the toner or the full kit anymore and my skin has been acting up, and for the first year I used this toner at least once a day and my skin was way clearer. So maybe it does more than I thought?! Unlike other toners this has never irritated or made my skin feel tight after I apply it. I also like that you just spritz it on which I find to be refreshing.


AcneTX™ Repair – 1 oz – Clinically tested, oil free protection: This stuff makes my skin pretty smooth all the while I feel like it soaks in.  I will say that if you have DRY skin this is not much of a ‘moisturizer’ and you will need something extra, especially if you wear make-up- I do NOT like this under my make-up. This stuff lasts a long time because you only  need a little pump to cover your entire face, and I think it’s one of the better smelling products in the kit!


Thera-P™ Relief Gel – 2 oz – Soothing, Anti-inflammatory, Healing: For the first 6 months or so of using this kit I ignored the There-P Relief Gel. Since I have dry skin I am convinced anything ‘gel’ based is going to dry out my skin… despite the description of this product being smoothing I just refused to give it a fair shot at first. I also didn’t know when to apply the Thera-P Relief Gel and to be honest I thought it smelled a tad funny (sort of like a flower/weed scent and dirty socks?! Good thing is the scent doesn’t linger). Well I ended up misplacing the AcneTX Repair one week (it rolled under my bed… anything that winds up under my bed is rarely recovered), so in a mad panic I started using the Thera-P Relief Gel in it’s place… and my skin LOVED it. I apply it after I wash my face and tone my face. Then I reapply it again a little later, and then one more layer before bed. It has never made my skin feel dry (sometimes it will make my skin feel a little tight if I layer too much on). It has a just a nice soothing cooling effect especially for my skin, because my skin always seems irritated. I honestly SWEAR by this product, it has become one of my holy grail products. Works awesome for razor bumps and rashes too!


Glacier Silt Sample – .25 oz – Relieves Redness, Stimulates Recovery: I find this smells a little like manure… but again, I like this mask because it makes my skin feel incredibly baby butt smooth and acne masks NEVER do that! I don’t use it regularly enough to notice if it really helps my acne, I only use it every month or so but a little goes a long way.


EraceR – 1 oz – Eliminates blemishes and scars: I find the EracR does dry my skin out a little too much if I use it regularly (nightly), so I use it more as a spot treatment, or around my time of the month I will apply it to my entire face for a few days just to help prevent any break-outs from starting. I also swear by this if you end up picking at blackheads or zits, I find this will calm the area down and help prevent any more ‘damage/breakouts’ to freshly picked skin. This stuff is awesome, and I would use it regularly if my skin wasn’t so dry because when I get on a kick of using it more regularly (usually in summer when my skin is a hair more oily) I notice my skin stays a lot clearer! If you want to  try ONE Chae product for acne I’d recommend starting with this one.


I highly suggest buying the kit just to dabble in all the products, obviously some products you may like better than others but don’t underestimate ANY of these products, give them all a fair chance! I’ve suggested this kit to almost ANYONE I know who suffers with acne- whether it’s teen or adult acne. Also Chae Organic’s customer service rocks and always answer any questions I have, and they always include samples of their other products in ever order and I really appreciate that because it allows me to sample products that otherwise I wouldn’t try.












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Remington T-Studio Pearl Curling Wand Review (Big and Small wand)

If you’ve stumbled upon this review than you’ve probably read the other reviews with people stating: “I have hair that does not curl! And this curling iron curled my hair!” and you’re probably wondering if those people were just idiots that didn’t know how to use a curling iron, or if they really had hair that would not hold a curl.

Well, I am here to tell you that I am NOT an idiot that can’t use a curling iron…. and I am cursed with hair that refuses to curl. This is easily displayed in my first grade picture when I got a perm because my hair would not curl, even though it was naturally wavy. Go figure.

I color my hair (I am not a natural redheaded bombshell…. shocking!), as already mentioned my hair is naturally wavy/frizzy, and I battle getting it smooth everyday. Both of my parents are in the hair industry, so I get to sample all different kids of products and hair tools so I keep up with latest hair trends and products, and I LOVE styling my hair.

I use a large 1.5” professional curling iron to kind of toss/volumize my layers after I straighten my hair but that is about the extent of my curling adventures because I long ago gave up on the idea of my hair holding a curl. However, for New Years Eve I was determined to sports some loose effortless Victoria’s Secret model curls/waves (I totally thought my sequin dress paired with sexy VS model hair would totally lure in the men!). I am well aware that if I am going to have ANY chance of my hair holding curl I have to curl it a few times within the day. So I woke up, washed my hair and curled it with a 1” and 1 ¼” ceramic regular clamp irons. Mid afternoon my curls were gone. I re curled it. 7pm rolled around and yet again I was re-curling for the final time of the night. I was positive this ‘curling my hair repeatedly’ method would work! Then, in my doorway rolling her eyes my four-year old niece stood with her hand on her hip and said: “You’ve been curling your hair all day! I think your curling iron is broken! YOUR HAIR IS NOT CURLING!”….. I realized she had a good point, curling my hair 3 times in one day with results so poor was ridiculous and this time a perm was NOT an option! I decided there had to be something out there with all the latest fancy spinning, ionic, ceramic, tourmaline technology that would freaking curl my hair!

New years day, as I was recovering from a hangover (note that I did not get any action that night and I entirely blame it on the fact I did not have Victoria’s Secret model hair!) I hit YouTube to look up some reviews on the latest clampless curling irons I had been seeing and hearing about. I had figured that they were just like any other curling iron I had tried and had tucked away in my curling iron graveyard.  Then I started reading reviews so similar to mine- “My hair wouldn’t hold a curl!!” Blah, blah, blah.

I was dead set on getting a professional one (my parents get a discount), but still was looking at a 100 bucks or so. I got tired of saving money- then spending it on shoes and having to start saving all over again for a curling iron I was convinced still wouldn’t work. Then the other day at my local drug store I spotted the Remington T-Studio Ceramic Pearl Professional Curling Wand 1/2”-1” and I bought it on a whim- which is so not like me.  I figured I could spare 21 bucks and it heated up 410 degrees- and I need 400+ degrees to do ANYTHING with my hair. Yes, I use lots of thermal protector!

It was the best 21 bucks I have ever spent. I raced home and started curling my hair, and within 15 minutes I had unbelievable results!

I had spent enough time on YouTube to get my learning curve up on how to use a clampless iron, and I’m always trying new things with my hair so I got the hang of it within wrapping the third section or my hair and went sans glove after that. Since this does get extremely hot I recommend using the glove until you get the hang of it.

Now here is the important thing to note. I have hair past my shoulders and it’s layered. I wouldn’t say my hair is extremely long but it’s got some nice length to it. All the tutorials I found on YouTube the girls seemed to have pretty long hair, longer than mine. They all stated that you could achieve the ‘wave’ look with this iron by using less heat, using bigger sections, and wrapping/holding it on the iron for less time. …..I beg to differ!

For my hair length and type since it needs such high heat to get anything done I can’t reduce the temp, like I mentioned I need a solid 400 degrees. I can’t use too wide of sections because my hair type won’t curl well with wide sections, and I have to keep my hair wrapped around iron for a solid 30 seconds for it really curl- so while I LOVE this curling iron I want to warn people who have shorter hair- meaning not crazy long hair like all the girls on youTUBE, that because this a ½”-1” it CURLS your hair. It’s not a beachy/wave look, at least for my hair type.

While the curls lasted ALL day and through the NEXT day, it was not my desired Victoria’s-Secret-model-I-just-had-sex-hair (I wanted more messy curled waves and no matter how much I brushed, fluffed, raked through my hair the curls remained fairly tight and uniform. The fact I couldn’t get these curls to fall out and loosen up is actually awesome because it goes to show that this curling wand is badass and not messing around!). It was as if Taylor Swift and Shirley Temple had a baby together, and as you can see in the pictures it was/is a great look and if my hair was a little longer I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more (since the curls were so tight it shrunk my hair up quite a bit) thus, making it more Shirley Temple especially with my red hair!

Well, I will admit it… I got cocky and magically thought any clampless curling iron would curl my hair. I ended up buying the Bed Head Foxy Curls 1”-1 1/4” curling wand. I figured this would work as well as the Remington (after all it sounded like they were using very similar technology and both irons were conical shape) I thought it would give me looser curls since it was a bigger barrel. Boy was I wrong! It didn’t get hot enough. I should have known better when on the package nor anywhere online stated what temp this iron maxed out at- low, med, high was all the info I got! The Bed Head wand gave me these horrible limp barely there curls that fell out within an hour. It was a vivid reminder that my hair fights holding a curl and likes to give me a big F off.

Back to the store I went and bought the Remington wand in the 1 ¼”- 1 ½” barrel (large) size and ironically while I was there I sold TWO of the Remington small wands because I had curled my hair with the small one the DAY BEFORE and my curls were still intact (and looking fabulous!) and two separate confused lost souls drowning in the curling iron isle asked me about my hair. Anyways, I was hesitant in buying the bigger barreled wand because I had read reviews that the curls didn’t have much lasting power. But with such amazing luck with the small wand I gave the big one the benefit of the doubt.

I can officially say my quest to achieve loose Victoria’s Secret wave/curls has come true with Remington pearl 1 ¼”-1 ½” (big) wand! FINALLY! I will be honest and say that I think with the bigger wand the curls do lose some staying power. With the small wand my curls stayed perfectly springified ALL day without losing any bounce or shape. With the large barrel I do notice that the curls will fall out a little as the day goes on. However, it hasn’t been a big issue for me since I am going for the loose tossed curled look anyways.

If you’re going for Taylor swift curls, or you can get away with using less heat and bigger sections of hair when curling to obtain looser curls go for the small barrel wand.

If you’re like me and you have to curl your hair on high heat, and use smaller sections but want a beach wave look get the bigger wand. I know most girls say the bigger wand is less versatile, and while that may be true it really depends on the look you want and I think for the price you can get BOTH sizes because they really do give you two very different looks.

If you’ve read all this I am impressed! I hope I helped some of you out and I highly suggest that if you’re looking to wean yourself off of clamp curling irons and into the world of clampless irons then the Remington pearl line is the way to go. I am honestly majorly impressed with the result. I also want to mention that with the clampless method I find it cuts down the time it takes to curl my hair, like dramatically. I don’t know what makes the clampless so much easier (but maybe a little more scary), but I dig it. I’m just blown away that I can have a head full of curls/waves that lasts ALL DAY within 15 minutes or so.

P.S. The pictures are the results of the ½”-1” iron- I haven’t gotten around to taking pictures with the 1”- 1 ¼” results, but hopefully I’ll get un-lazy and do it soon!

Happy curling!

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The Wonders of Womanhood

I mentioned a while ago that boric acid cured my ongoing-chronic-hell-ridden-make-my-life-depressing yeast infection. Well, it has returned! Of course. Would I really expect otherwise? What was I thinking to get my hopes up *bangs head against wall*

I feel like a hot mess. I am so fed up with this yeast infection that has been haunting me for months on end. I have reduced myself to hideous home remedies like a mad scientist, and spending hours on end researching chronic yeast infections-my OCD does not help with this situation, and stumbling upon other women’s struggle and horror stories also has been a mixed bad of hope and hopelessness. I am now one of those women who has joined the ban wagon of chronic yeast infections! Hollar!

So, instead of crying in a dark corner I have decided maybe I will go over some of the BS I have tried, what has sort of worked, what has really not worked… because I know there are plenty of women out there who are sitting on their computers madly searching for tips, tricks, and stories to prove that they are not alone in this hell. As I sit here sipping cold coffee, slamming down an Azo Yeast Guard pill, I will take you on my magical little journey! Expect TMI. That’s the way I roll.

I’ve always been prone to several yeast infections a year, but it was nothing that over the counter stuff couldn’t cure. About 6 months ago I got a yeast infection, no biggie, ran to Target and picked up some trusty Monistat. Yay, my vagina was happy. Four days later my YI was back. Ran back to the store… and repeat, repeat, repeat that scenario again and again. Weird thing was I could keep the YI at bay for about a week or so If I continued to use the external cream, it was like the YI would start externally- irritation, that swollen misery feeling, and a case of mild mingled with mild itchiness… and this was weird considering the fact that my previous YI I had never really dealt with external irritation. I figured maybe it was my laundry detergent or soap causing the issues… swapped that stuff out for more sensitive skin friendly products, but that didn’t help. Tried diluting tea tree oil and dabbing it around my lady bits, as well as coconut oil as an external cream, and all the other home remedies with not much relief to show for. Found the external cream that comes with YI kits to work best…. but I had to use it EVERY night, even after my internal YI symptoms were gone/cured. I generally masturbate before bed, not sulk over the fact my new bedtime ritual has been reduced to slathering YI cream every night. It got annoying really fast. I felt/feel un-sexy, how am I suppose to feel confident and sexy with a case of chronic vagina issues?

Finally I realized there was obviously more going on, so off to the doctor I went (which was a big step because I avoid doctors like the plague, I really hate being touched and probed by strangers). I was prescribed Diflucan. Took it and what do you know… I was cured!…. for… 3 days, then the external irritation started right back up, and two days later I had internal YI symptoms (no discharge or odor though, I never have gotten discharge or odor with ANY of my YI, and I have to count my blessings on that one). I went back to the doc’s a week later, they tested me for STD, BV, and all that fun stuff. No STD’s, no BV, but yes yeast was present (duh). I got upgraded to three days of Diflucan, and my doctor told me if that didn’t work to try Boric Acid for 14 days. Well the Diflucan was a godsend for a week or so, but of course my YI returned, and next thing you know I hit a compound pharmacy to get a hold of boric acid “We can fill the capsules for you, but to be honest it’s a waste of you money, just buy the boric acid and fill your own is what I recommend, it’s cheaper and the same” So I did just that. Maybe the pharmacist was just lazy though?

My experience with Boric Acid was great (minus the watery discharge that kept making me think I had peed my pants, seriously, I had a little freak out at my ex’s house about how I was convinced I was peeing my pants without knowing it, haha. Boric acid discharge is watery, and when I was told to expect discharge I was expecting thick discharge or something… not water-ish discharge, so be warned! Panty liners are a must). Anyways, once my 14 days of boric acid ended I was convinced I was cured (again). For 14 days I felt like a new woman! Then, I had sex, and suddenly my YI was back (this was the sex where my Lavilin Deodorant was put to the test, hah). Not sure if this was a coincidence (I had sex probably two days after my boric acid round had ended), and I know some condoms can irritate me, so I am not sure if it was the sex/condom that brought back the YI again, or once I stopped using boric acid my vagina just got angry?

Bottom line is boric acid is an excellent option if you talk to your doctor about it first, it is supposed to cure more obscure strands of yeast that over the counter crap can’t. However, this is potent stuff, and not to be used without some guidance from a doctor of pharmacist.

Currently I am getting ready to buckle down and make another appointment, because while I am using boric acid things are great, but I can’t continue to use boric acid the rest of my life.

In the meantime I read up on Garlic, and I just don’t envision myself ramming a clove of garlic up my who-ha, I decided to take a less drastic approach and start on garlic pills (I can kill two birds with one stone because my blood pressure tends to run a little high, what gives? I am only 27!). So I have been taking 4 garlic pills a day. Call me mistrusting but I don’t think 4 garlic pills are going to cut it, so I also found some information about Grapefruit Seed Extract helping yeast infections. I ran to the store and picked some up, the liquid form- I don’t have much faith in the hard tablets. I’ve been mixing 10-12 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract into some water and slugging it down twice a day. Be forwarded that it doesn’t taste as pleasant as one might think. I love grapefruit, I was thinking it would have a citrus taste (wishful thinking), but… ugh, there isn’t really a ‘taste’ too it, just a weird medicine-y-no-taste-after-taste if that makes any sense? 

Here comes the lesson for the day: I am famous for getting wild ideas, and implementing  strategic plans… usually these ideas and plans blow up in my face. You’d think I’d learn. Anyways on the Grapefruit Seed Extract bottle there were directions on some uses for GSE, one use was to dilute the GSE and use it as a douche (for any of the uses of GSE you HAVE to dilute it!). Well I know Douching is a big no-no, so I got a what I thought to be genius idea to dilute the GSE with some diluted Tea Tree Oil and dab it on the external areas that have been giving me so much trouble. I did it one night, and wow, it seemed to help. I did it another night, and wow, yes it was helping. Then I got ballsy and decided to use coconut oil, Tea Tree Oil, and the GSE mixture on a tampon and insert it overnight…. ALONG with using this mixture on the outside of my vag. Well, I assume I didn’t dilute the GSE enough for my external mixture… because it started to burn, not in a ‘my crotch is on fire’ burn, but more of a ‘I just had sex with a really big dick’ SORE slow burn. I ignored it for a while, I told myself “The burn means it’s working, killing off yeast! Hah! Take that!”…. finally I couldn’t take it anymore and rubbed some coconut oil down there, and this helped take the edge off.

When I woke up the next morning my vag was still cursed with a weird slow sore burning. Crazy sore. Like I couldn’t even put my underwear on sore. Of course sheer panic ripped through me, while my vagina has been pissing me off lately, I still love it and don’t want to burn it off or something drastic. After all it’s useful when it is working properly. On my bed, legs up (well leg and stump up), with a hand mirror I was trying to see the damage I caused. I do not claim to be flexible or have stellar eyesight… so trying to get a good view of what I had done to my womanhood didn’t work well. In a panic I texted my ex telling him “I put grapefruit Seed Extract on my vagina trying to cure a yeast infection, I think I had a mishap, it hurts soooooooooo bad! If it still hurts tomorrow you have to look at my vagina and tell me if it looks like I burned it to shreds! This is an emergency!!!!!!!!”… I got a classy response of “WTF, why did you put grape jelly on your vagina?!” Ugh. No help. I looked at my bottle of GSE and it stated “If full strength GSE comes n contact with skin flush the area with water for 10 minutes, and irritation may last for 48 hours” ….That made me feel better, my irritation lasted for 24 hours, and today it feels almost back to normal.

So, the moral of the story about GSE is that you’ll probably be better off drinking it, rather then making some crazy concoction to dab on. Don’t learn this lesson the hard way, it was not pleasant.

While I think garlic pills, and the GSE twice a day is actually helping (I am a little surprised myself)… I am thinking of purchasing the FemDophilus. It has decent reviews, and while I have tried acidophilus before I haven’t gotten a hardcore one, I just get the cheap crap and hope for the best. Hey, I am on a budget. I feel it is time to ante up, fork over the 25 bucks (I found it cheaper online, but it’s also at Wholefoods… and of course they want to rip you off price wise, but at this point I don’t care). I am going to give it a go. It is time to kick this problem in the butt. I am determined to rid myself of this annoyance, and figure out what is going on. I am going to take back my womanhood! I am going to take back my vaginal health! No mercy. Balls to the wall. And hopefully other women out there who suffer from this don’t give up either.

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The battle of Antiperspirant VS. Lavilin Underarm Deodorant- Defeat The B.O.!

Ask anyone who knows me well and they will confirm that I am in fact a huge antiperspirant /deodorant whore. I am not going to lie, I pit out! Yeah, dainty ladies aren’t supposed to pit out, blah, blah, blah…. Well this here dainty lady does. I can manage the odor (most of the time) with layering on about 6 different antiperspirant in the morning- clinical strength, gel, dove (to keep the pits moisturized!), another clinical strength, then I just start applying the really yummy smelling ones. You’d think my little OCD routine would get me through the day, but of course not. Within a few hours I have to start re-applying in feeble attempts to stay somewhat fresh, and sometimes if an odor crises arises I have to break out the alcohol wipes. To sum up this story- staying smelling good is a full time job for me, and risky for my health. As you can imagine for years my mother has been on me “You’re going to get breast cancer! You can’t put on all those antiperspirant! Aluminum!!!!!”

About a year ago I did some research on natural deodorants to try and put to rest my moms panicked voice gnawing at my eardrums, plus my boobs are my favorite thing on my body and the idea of potentially risking my breast health does not settle well with me. In my search ‘Lavilin Underarm Deodorant’ came up a plethora of times, and had seemingly too good to be true results. A natural deodorant that lasted up to 7 days? Please! A clinical strength antiperspirant can’t even tackle my underarms for 2 hours! With the price tag of $15.99 I just wasn’t ready to bite the bullet only to be let down once again by hype, and no action. But with my antiperspirant pile reaching it’s maximum, and realizing I owned every single deodorant that graced the store shelf’s I recently decided that $15.99 was a small price to pay (I came up with a “Oh this made my armpits burn like crazy” return story just in case it didn’t work).

Once the little white box was bought and in my clutches I ripped it open in my best friends car, and read him the directions (as if he really cared), and stopped cold in my tracks: ‘Refrain from using any other deodorant for 48 hours to refresh skin and enable Lavilin to provide maximum protection’. Holy crap, can you say panic attack?!? 48 hours without the use of any sort of guard against B.O.? Really? I pictured myself barricaded in my house, too ashamed to step foot out in public because I’d smell of a man who just got back from a sweat drenched workout if I went 48 hours without deodorant of some kind! It got worse: ‘Do not use together with other deodorants’…. No layering?! I felt a stroke coming on! It’s safe to say I had a mini flip out in his car “Are they kidding!? I can’t do this?! Screw this natural shit!!!” … at that moment my moms rounded face floated round and round in my thoughts, her lips speaking the words: “….You have to stop wearing all that antiperspirant!’. Argh. To everyone’s shock, including my own, I didn’t wear antiperspirant for 24 hours. No, I didn’t make it to 48 hours as the directions called for, but at least I made the half way mark. That counts for something, right?

Day one: I washed my underarms with Dial anti-bacterial soap (I like this soap, it’s boring because I like girly crap that promises to leave me with silky soft and touchable skin. But dial gets the job done. I feel and smell clean after the use of this orange colored gem. I just discovered they make a ‘Tropical’ scent in the antibacterial series of Dial soaps… and we all know what ‘tropical’ means in girl language- sunny, bright, and airy! Yes please, I want to smell sunny, bright and airy!!). Once my underarms were thoroughly dried I applied the thick-ish cream deodorant. First thing I noticed… this stuff didn’t spread well. It looked like I spackled white Geisha girl face make-up on my whole armpit. Sure, I was a little over zealous with my application, but hey… I was nervous. I woke up the next morning and first thing I did was a sniff test. I smelled fresh. I smelled again. Yes, fresh! By mid day I had a bit of funk, nothing horrible, and barely noticeable… by that evening things took a turn for the worse and lets just say I was not smelling like a flower anymore.

Day 2: I decided to go rogue and apply it in the morning after my shower instead of at night. It says to re-apply when odor returns, so I did just that since within 24 hours odor returned. Surprisingly I didn’t feel defeated by this since I had armed myself with many knowledgeable reviews that said not to expect the claim of ‘7 days of being odor free’. Seemed most reviewers got 3 days of being odor free. But hell, 24 hours of being pretty much fresh-ish without having re-applying/layer made my heart sing! 

Day 3: Again I applied it in the morning after my shower, because Lavilin tends to give out by the end of the day for me. On day three I discovered that if I started smelling a little funky it was far less than with any other antiperspirant I had EVER used, and I could freshen up with a bit of mint spritzing hand sanitizer I bought at Whole Foods. I started to develop a crush on Lavilin deodorant at this point.

When week 1 was up, I was still applying it everyday- and it was lasting throughout most of the day, but not past 24 hours. No biggie. Within week 1 I noticed my underarms became a little sore, probably due to the fact I was applying it everyday and I was applying it after the shower, which met after I shaved which the directions said not to do. Ooops. I told you, I am a rogue! The soreness subsided after I made it into week 2, I guess my pits just had to toughen up!

One con with Lavilin that I already mentioned is the white residue it leaves on your skin. Again, if I applied it at night I think by morning the white would be gone or at least lessened, and if I didn’t have to apply it everyday… so I am not blaming Lavilin for my rebel application techniques causing my pits to be white. I don’t wear too many sleeveless tops so this isn’t a HUGE draw back for me. Another con being I am now on my second box of this stuff, since I am forced to go the everyday application route it is sort of like a spendy little crack habit- but worth it. I have figured out the right amount I need, and I am past my experimental and wasteful test runs of applying too much too often, you know the whole trial and error phase where you get crazy wasteful with a new product?… Anyways, getting the hang of applying the right amount that works for me should help the deodorant last longer, hopefully. The last con is that I have noticed my first box of Lavilin was much more ‘hard’ and ‘sticky’ in texture. The second box is way more ‘creamy’ and ‘spreadable’, and I have to say it seemed like my first box had better performance? My body chemistry does like to play tricks on me, something will work amazing on me for a few weeks and then just give out without warning. I am hoping that this is not the case, but I am also hoping that Lavilin is not inconsistent with their product? Hmmm.

The bottom line of this 200 page review is that I would recommend this to ANYONE who has some funk. Seriously, I am a highly skeptical person, and while this isn’t some miracle that keeps me odor free for 7, or even 3 days… I will take what I can get, and 1 day is just fine by me! I highly recommend trying this if you are frustrated with trying to fend off embarrassing odor and running out of options. I never thought a ‘natural’ deodorant could perform so well.

P.S. The best, and most awe-inspiring news is that this deodorant didn’t give out on me during sex! Correct, this passed the sex test. I was nervous as hell especially since the sex test was with a guy whom I had never had sex with before, that would have been a really bad first impression if Lavilin had failed me in the midst of an epic sexual journey with someone new. As we all know when any product passes the sex test, you know it is a worthwhile product!

P.P.S. While I don’t have HUGE issues with wetness, keep in mind this is more for odor than wetness, as is the case with any deodorant. The transition from antiperspirant to a natural deodorant always is an adjustment, you have to go through that period of getting accustom to being a little more ‘damp’ than you may be used too.  

P.P.S. I have also been taking Chlorophyll, which is a ‘internal deodorizer’, and that may contribute to some of my success with Lavilin. 

P.P.P.S. If you read all of this you deserve an award!

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The Review-K-Pak Reconstrx Vapor Iron

Between fending off swine flu (ok, so it was a weak ass little head cold), and going on several dates (yeah, that’s right… I’m on the prowl!) I have managed to give the K-Pak Reconstrx Vapor Flat Iron a several week work out, I gave it a fair assessment and I am ready to review it! Ready?!

It felt as though I was unboxing the Holy Grail as I opened the box which held the Reconstrx Vapor Iron, oh the joy and sheer excitement I felt! The iron came with an instruction booklet, a mini vapor fuel refill, and a DVD. Setting my goodies aside, I blew dried my hair, sectioned it off, filled the iron with the vapor fuel (which does last several treatments. I was terrified I’d go through the fuel within one use. That was not the case at all), then I plugged the baby in!

My first time using the little lovely I found it awkward to handle when styling my hair (A little bit of a let down). First, it didn’t open as ‘wide’ as my old flat iron- I’m comparing it to the my Paul Mitchell Flat Iron which is my absolute favorite flat iron. Two, the placement of the vapor fuel chamber is right where my hand is stationed while I am wildly styling my blonde locks. This infringes on my ability to ‘press’ down as hard as I’d like to, or am used too (for fear of breaking the vapor fuel chamber). I am a big fan of adding some pressure when flat ironing my hair, and while pressure is not necessary to achieve straight hair, it is just my own personal method. Lastly, I kept hitting the ‘vapor fuel on/off’ switch with my thumb while in the midst of flat ironing. This posed a problem because I could never tell if the vapor fuel was on/off, because there is no indication if it’s on or off. I’d have to turn down my music to listen for the sound of bubbling/hot liquid and closely pay attention to see if I was seeing steam. Annoying? A little.

Once I got used to handling the iron, I found the results were undeniably softer healthier looking hair. That being said, it almost made my hair too soft. I know, you’re all thinking “Too soft? Are you kidding!? It’s every girls dream to have smooth, soft, lustrous hair!” I don’t dispute this, but there is a fine line between soft hair, and TOO soft of hair that has a  puffy-ish limp quality (Like my technical terms? Hah). Sadly the Reconstrx Iron did not give me the pin straight results I so desire (don’t get me wrong, it got my straight… but, not up to the standards I am used too. Of course I am probably used to the unhealthy standards, and this was probably the healthier straight standard… but still), thus, it was a battle of running over the same sections of hair over and over to ensure it would remain polished looking, and not get puffy. That failed, the iron just did not ‘seal’ in the straightness. My remedy to this little problem became using my trusty Paul Mitchell iron for finishing work AFTER my initial straightening with the Reconstrx Iron. This gave me awesome results, and I didn’t have issues with my hair becoming puffy within an hour. It sealed in the straightness or something to that effect. 

 Also, I have longer bangs that I sweep off to the side, and this iron completely failed at straightening my bangs. It made my bags way too limp. I reduced the temperature thinking they where getting too ‘straight’ and limp due to the intense heat. The reduction of heat did not help, the bangs still looked limp and refused to sweep off to the side. I assumed that it may be a matter of the vapor fuel simply being too conditioning, so I turned the vapor fuel off and tried flat ironing my bangs with this method the next day… while that helped I still didn’t get my usual sweepy vixen bangs. I MUST use my Paul Mitchell flat iron for my bangs, no exceptions.

Overall it probably seems like I am complaining about this iron, but I do like the idea of it, and the benefits of it are awesome. As shocking as it may seem, I am keeping this flat iron because when used in conjunction with my normal flat iron I get impressive results. Sure, my method may contradict the entire purpose of using the Reconstrx Iron, but it allows me to use my regular non conditioning flat iron less, and that is a step in the right direction… right?

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Limited Edition Very Sexy Now Perfume 2010

Once upon a time, (2008 to be exact) Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Now Limited Edition perfume came out. The square glass bottle with the gold leaves held inside the most amazing perfume ever to grace my nostrils. Oh yes, it was a love affair at first sniff. I bought the shimmering body oil, and the perfume without hesitation- which says a lot because I am a world class hesitator, um can you say indecisive? Now, not to brag but hot damn I smelled sexy as hell for a year and a half…. and then to my horror my perfume ran out. I checked e-bay and I found sellers selling that sacred fragrance, score! The catch was they wanted a small fortune- $199 big ones. Giving my computer a loud “Come on! Are you serious?” I opted not to pay $199 for perfume that’s going on two years old, and for perfume that I originally paid $45 bucks for. Truth be told… If I had $199 bucks lying around I would totally buy it but I am poor and rational, or so I like to think. I decided I’d suffer with the masses and buy “ok” smelling perfume, and never again would I smell so ravishing.

Fast forward to present day- it was a stormy day when I plucked up my mail up, and paroozed through the Spring 2010 Victoria’s Secret catalog. Low and behold a picture of the new Very Sexy Now Limited Edition Perfume was inked on the glossy page of that catalog, just calling my name (It was the leopard bottle, I am a sucker for anything leopard). I became obsessed and convinced that this 2010 perfume was going to smell comparable to the 2008 one. The second it was released I sprinted to the nearest VS- where they know me by name and picked up the precious leopard bottle, gave it a spray… and I almost died! YES! YES! YES! It smells similar to the 2008 one. I bought two bottles, and a body mist.

I’m not going to lie, it is not nearly as good as the 2008 Miss gold leaves. There is a bit more of a melon/orange mid note to it. But there is that initial hit of something very familiar to the 2008 scent, that tropical floral pineapple-ish scent. The downside to this little nose treat is that I find it doesn’t have much lasting power. It seems to fade quickly, and when it fades it loses it’s fruity-ish hint that was so similar to the 2008, and fades into more of a floral scent. I still enjoy it, it will keep me content and smelling good for several years. I suggest any of you ladies who worshiped the 2008 limited edition scent go check out the new one before it is gone!

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