Skindinavia Bridal and No More Shine Finishing Spray Review

Date night at a dimly lit bar has major skin benefits. Oh girl, you know what I am talking about… overhead beer signs casting off an amber glow that dances across your face creating a soft focus effect to blur out all your skin imperfections. Hollar! That’s what I’m talking about!  However with my skin recently clearing up I find myself wanting to take my dates into locations with harsh light just to prove my skin is lookin good!

…But wait… what’s that… oh shit, a foundation meltdown. Make-up slipping and sliding.  I’ve always suffered from this no matter what foundation or primer I have used. I end up doing a lot of re-applying my makeup if I have plans at the end of the day, because my make-up will not last a FULL day let alone a few hours.  I always contributed my make-up meltdowns to my crappy dry patchy, oily, zitty combination skin.

With a newfound determination to put an end to makeup meltdowns I did some research on finishing/setting sprays. I swore on a bible that I would find a product that would extend the life of my make-up, help rid me of the summer greasies without over drying my dry patchy skin! Tall order but I was ready to use my face as a guinea pig. You do what you gotta do!

First I went MAC… once yo’ go MAC yo’ neva go BACK! Very untrue, I religiously use MAC foundation so I figured I’d pair it off with their Fix+ spray. I hated the Mac Fix+ spray; it made my make-up look disgusting and highlighted pores and wrinkles I didn’t even know existed. It was not a good introduction- ‘SURPRISE GIIIIIIIIRL your skin looks worse than you ever thought it could!!!!”

Next I looked into Model in a Bottle but a lot of reviewers felt it was overly fragrant and left behind with tight hairspray feeling on their skin, even with the sensitive skin version. Plus, to be honest the name ‘Model in a bottle’ gave me unreasonable expectations anyways. Knowing me I’d spray it on and expect to have Heidi Klum skin instantly. With Model in a Bottle scratched off my list I tried the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, and it started to break me out and I didn’t notice it doing much of anything. Felt like I was paying 30 bucks to spray water on my face and I could do that for free without the tight skin feeling. Plus spraying water all over my face seems more sexy, a hose, a bikini, a hot day… the start of a 70’s porno.

Then one morning I logged onto facebook with coffee in hand, a rich slathering of clay mask chilling on my face and I noticed a status update from Beauty Stat about Skindinavia 10 Years Younger Setting Spray. In that moment I asked: “Dear Lord… is this a sign? An answer to my prayers?”

Originally I was intrigued with the Skindinavia  10 Year Younger Setting Spray, no, not like I want to look 19…. but since I have dry-ish skin I thought this would be a good match because the 10 Years Younger is geared towards more dry and mature skin. However I researched the shit out of Skindinavia sprays and very few people seemed impressed with the 10 Years Younger. Apparently most reviewers found it to accentuated their make-up, lines, and pores all while giving dry skin a blast of  glowy/dewyness… and I HATE dewy (dewy finishes look terrible on my skin despite the fact I have such dry areas).

Eventually I settled on the Skindinavia Bridal Setting spray. It seemed fancy and yet hardcore… a bride obviously wants her makeup to last throughout stress, pictures, tears, dancing, and mass amounts of steamy secret make-out sessions. I couldn’t find too many review on the Bridal spray, but the few I found said it helped keep make-up looking fabulous throughout the day, it had a nice finish and took away that cakey make-up look while still battling shine. In my cart it went! I was a little furious that Skindinavia didn’t offer The Bridal Spray in the smaller size. You can only get the Bridal Setting Spray in a 4oz for $29 while the other  sprays are offered in a 2oz for $19.99. (P.s. I ordered from Dermstore because they have a return policy where on Skindinavia site… no returns if it’s open, but next breath they also have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee policy return with no questions? This made me confused. Which is it? I can return? I can’t? I’m naturally blonde… don’t confuse me. Plus Dermstore had a 10% off code and the most insanely fast shipping)!

At the very last second of checkout I panicked and also added the Skindinavia No More Shine Setting Spray. While I have horrible dry patches I also get the shinies mid day especially in the summer  (I don’t handle heat well, and my make-up handles even less well than I do) and that’s been annoying me lately. Nothing worse than looking in the mirror to see your reflection starting back at you through your nose shine. I was worried about the No More Shine Spray being too dry for my dry areas but with a return policy on my side I got some major balls and threw caution to the wind and ordered BOTH of them! BAM. Something so freeing about ‘If I hate it I can return it!’


…..Onto the actual reviews!


Skindinavia Bridal Setting Spray-



I was looking forward to this spray extending my make-up life for up to 16 hours, but also taking away the cakey look my make-up can sometime leave behind. In the description it states: This weightless mist gives you a healthy, luminous finish over your makeup and sets it in place, for your special day and luminous is exactly right. It doesn’t leave a ‘matte’ finish, but it also doesn’t leave a ‘dewy’ finish. I will admit it’s a very natural like finish, but I don’t think it works out well for my skin. The luminous finish almost shows off my pores when sprayed on over my powder and makes my make-up look ‘gummy’. I found I get a better result if I spray this on right after foundation, then set it with my powder (I use a pore refining powder so it smoothes out and mattifys the ‘natural’ finish the Bridal spray leaves behind). This kind of defeats the purpose. I know.

On the plus side this does help extend the wear of my make-up and instead of my skin getting too greasy I just get a soft natural looking glow by the end of the day which is better than my normal summer oil ball at the end of the day. Another plus is when I spray it on it doesn’t make my skin feel dry, and it hasn’t irritated my skin nor has it broken me out!



No More Shine Setting Spray-

When I first tried this I used it under and over my make-up like some other reviewers suggested. Ick! Big mistake! It was probably a mistake because of my combo skin- my dry patches did not like that idea. My make-up, even with primer looked patchy and got stuck on my dry patches. My foundation would not go on smoothly when this was sprayed on my skin before make-up.

Next day I sprayed No More Shine on right after I applied my foundation (not before!). Let it dry. Powdered my face and added my blush then sprayed this on again as my final step. This method worked a lot better but left my face feeling like if I were to smile my face would crack. However it didn’t make my face LOOK any more dry, just felt drier.

My make-up help up better with the No More Shine than it did with the Bridal. The No More Shine left me with more of a matte finish, which I prefer and I really didn’t get shiny during the day, where as with the Bridal I got dewy.


A mix of No More Shine and Bridal-

Since I am a genius, I decided to work some magic and play around.

Realizing I didn’t like he luminous finish of the of the Bridal Setting Spray, but also realizing my dry skin felt too dried out with the No More shine but loving the matte finish it left behind I decided to apply a few spritz of the Bridal spray right after my foundation application. Then I powdered and blushed and set my entire face with a few spritz of the No More Shine.

Drum roll please……..

This combo works amazing for my combo skin! Oil control without being overly drying. Not too matte, not too dewy. Make-up lasted through a 4 hour date on a hot summer evening in a shithole bar with a broken AC, then it lasted another 3 hours of drinking and girl gossip with friends and still looked amazing at the end of my night (my hair was another story!). Keep in my mind my make-up never looks fresh and enacted past 3-4 hours just under normal conditions. I’ve been wearing this combo of setting sprays every day for about a week and everyday I am shocked that my make-up still looks great by the end of the day! I still touch up mid day if it’s a hot day, but I’m not having to re-wash ALL my make-up off and start over if I have evening plans!

I am thinking these Setting Sprays would be awesome as birthday, stocking stuffer, or bridal gifts. There’s a setting spray for everyone’s skin type- normal, dry, combo, and aging skin. No skin type is left behind! I’m honestly in love with these setting sprays, yeah I had to shell out some extra cash and buy two and do a little experimenting mix and matching but the end result is worth it!

On a side note I’ve also recently re-broken out my old Bare Escentuals Prime Time Primer (which I thought I hated, but apparently with my new found clearer skin I really dig it) and that’s also working great with these setting sprays to help prolong the life of my makeup.


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